High Five Spoilers: Ishqbaaz Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishqbaaz Kasauti and more: Shivaansh gets a big shock when he finds a ghostly figure at home. He can’t believe his eyes. He gets terrified and runs to get help. Shivaansh then gets happily surprised seeing his sister Radhika. He gets another surprise when he sees her brother Dhruv. Shivaansh tells Radhika that he is an actor, but she is doing acting. He hugs him. He loves Radhika a lot. She gets a bit hurt. He gets too panicking seeing her little wound. He gets caring for Radhika. He asks her to take some rest and not exert much. She tells him that she is fine and just playing a prank. Shivaansh and Dhruv scold her with love. Shivaansh, Dhruv and Radhika will have same siblings bond like Obros.

Karn Sangini:
Karn battles with the devil and wins. He returns to the palace. Everyone applauds Karn for the bravery. Karn gets rewarded and gets a luxurious life in the palace. Urvi refuses to stay in the palace. Purushottam wants them to live like a King and Queen. He insists them and convinces them for a good living. Urvi and Karn accept Purushottam’s request.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Prerna and Komolika have an argument. Komolika asks Prerna how can she blame Ronit alone. Prerna says Shivani was in love with Ronit, but he cheated her. Komolika says its not love, but greed for money, Shivani trapped him for money. Prerna asks her not to dare talk about Shivani in such a manner. Komolika promises to make Shivani’s life hell. Prerna doesn’t get scared of her. They have a face-off. Komolika asks Prerna to take time and think before speaking anything. Komolika says your wish to get justice will end once you know the power of money. Prerna and Komolika are two strong entities. Rajesh tries to know about Komolika’s entry. Prerna hides Shivani’s pregnancy from the family.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil and Vedika celebrate the New years. They have a romantic dance. Sahil is happy to be with Vedika and family. Even when he doesn’t remember their marriage and love relation, he romances her like before. Vedika is happy and hopeful that Sahil will soon recall everything. Sahil starts a new friendship with Vedika. He dedicates the cute song to Vedika. She can’t express much that he is her husband and she has accepted his love.

Chakor holds memories of Suraj. She thinks of him, everytime she misses him. Raghav also wants a place in Chakor’s family. He doesn’t realize his feelings for Chakor. Imli senses that something is brewing in Raghav’s heart. She tries to know his feelings for Chakor. Raghav respects Chakor a lot. He can’t think of falling in love with her, since that would insult her love for Suraj. Raghav doesn’t want to have any complications in Chakor’s life. Imli wants to see Chakor happy. She finds Chakor happy when Raghav is around. She tries to bring Raghav and Chakor close. Anjor does this work and brings a cute love moment between Chakor and Raghav, being mistaken that Raghav is really Suraj. Meanwhile, Akash turns too revengeful against Imli. He decides to punish her for defaming him and getting him behind the bars. He orders his goons to catch Imli. Akash kidnaps Imli to ruin her dignity. Chakor and Raghav reach to save Imli.


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