Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer plans a surprise for Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming: Zara keen to reform Kabeer

Kabeer plans a surprise for Zara: Ruksar goes to slap Zara. Kabeer stops Ruksar. He asks Ruksar what’s this joke. Ruksar tells him that Zara has slapped her, so she will also slap Zara. Ruksar scolds Zara. Kabeer doesn’t let Ruksar hurt Zara. Ruksar blames Zara for teaching wrong things to her. Zara wants to know how did Ruksar remember the slap incident happened in the past. Ruksar gets memory flashes. She doesn’t know the reason for the slap. Kabeer and Zara explain Ruksar that they will not take their responsibility if she does wrong. He tells Ruksar that he will not take her for shopping. He convinces Ruksar. Ruksar apologizes to Zara and hugs her.

Kabeer and Zara have a moment by siding their differences. They both keep a fast. They break their fasts together. They love each other a lot. Kabeer melts his heart towards Zara. Zara handles her work alone. She doesn’t complain about her life. Maid asks her to give some spices, Kabeer is cooking for everyone today. Zara gets surprised and wonders what’s the reason behind Kabeer’s move. Kabeer prepares food for Zara to surprise her.


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