Ishqbaaz Dhinchak Shivaansh to get a lovely surprise

Ishqbaaz Shivaansh marriage twist lined in

Ishqbaaz Dhinchak Shivaansh and Aditi complain to Nandini about each other. Aditi tells Nandini that she isn’t at fault, its Shivaansh’s fault. Shivaansh tries to put the blame on her. Aditi tells Shivaansh that he is too foolish to believe a criminal, when the people can’t even trust family these days. He realizes that she is hurt somewhere in the heart. Shivaansh doesn’t want to hurt Aditi. He thanks Nandini for supporting him in his goals. He wants to do an action movie for the sake of his elders. He asks Nandini to give him another chance. He promises he won’t repeat any mistake ever. Nandini supports him. Aditi and Shivaansh don’t get along well. Aditi likes the simple food. She doesn’t like Shivaansh’s attitude.

She leaves Shivaansh on his own. Shivaansh also wants to taste the food. He enjoys the simple food. Nani meets him at the police station and compels him to come home with him urgently. Aditi gets happy that she got rid of Shivaansh finally. Shivaansh comes home and gets a surprise from his sister Radhika.

He gets the ghostly feel when Radhika scares him. He then realizes her drama and hugs her. He asks her not to try acting. Dhruv and Radhika get happy to bond with their brother Shivaansh. Aditi gets an urgency as well and rushes off her duty. Nani gets emotional on having her grandchildren back. Nani blesses them and wants them to have their lovely bond. She recollects the siblings strong bond since childhood, just like Shivay, Omkara and Rudra. Shivaansh gets protective for Radhika. He feels her pain when she gets bit hurt. Aditi is also similar to Shivaansh. She cares for Mohini. She finishes all her duties and expresses love for Mohini. Shivaansh and Aditi care for their sisters. They meet again and have a new clash.


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