Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep’s evil

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep's evil

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Nandini’s past and Rajdeep’s abusive behavior towards Nandini. Ishaan tries meeting up Mishti. He shares a lovely bond with her. Mishti gets glad to meet hi. She fears of Mauli’s anger. Ishaan tells Mishti that Mauli won’t scold her. He asks her what’s her reaction about the gift. He wants to know about the gift, since it was sent by Kunal. Mishti asks him why is he asking when he has sent it. Ishaan wants to know it from her. She tells him about the photo collage on the globe, which signifies a good message of love for Mauli. Ishaan gets impressed with Kunal’s gifting idea.

Ishaan tells Mishti that Mauli and she means the entire universe to him. Mishti asks him to convince Mauli for marriage. He promises her. Meanwhile, Kunal shares his good plans with Ishaan to unite Mauli and Ishaan. He asks Ishaan to reach joggers park to win Mauli. Ishaan finds hard to wake up in the morning. Kunal asks him to be there on time. Mahek learns Kunal’s plans and congratulates him that his plans are working. She asks him if he isn’t affected by the humiliation.

Kunal hopes that Mauli liked the gift. Mauli likes Ishaan’s sensitivity and love. She gets pleased seeing the globe. She feels she shouldn’t care for Kunal. She realizes Ishaan’s feelings. Kunal finds Pari ready for school. Mahek tells him that she will drop Pari to school. Pari tells Kunal that she wants to take Mahek to her school and introduce to her friends. Radhika visits Kunal and confronts him for his nasty actions. She asks him not to interfere in Mauli’s life. She is confused over his changed behavior. He covers up his plans from Radhika, so that Mauli doesn’t learn anything. He tells Radhika that he isn’t willing to change himself for Mauli. She blames him for intentionally hurting Mauli.

Kunal talks bitter about Mauli, which angers Radhika further. He falls in Radhika’s eyes for uniting Mauli and Ishaan. He tells her that he gets peace seeing Mauli in trouble. Radhika angrily slaps him. She warns him against hurting Mauli again. She feels she has lost her son long time back. Kunal regrets for hurting Radhika and Mauli’s sentiments. Meanwhile, Mauli jogs in the park. She comes across a lovely romantic surprise and feels lucky that its all for her. She can’t believe that Ishaan has planned everything for her. Mauli gets surprised by meeting Ishaan. She bursts into laughter.

Ishaan finds her happy after a long time. He feels Kunal is the one who has planned the surprises for Mauli, and really putting efforts to unite them. Kunal tells Ishaan that he knew about his plans working on Mauli. He finds Mauli close and puts up a rude act once again to break her heart. He gets into a fight with Mahek and disrespects her to anger Mauli. Radhika gets troubled by Kunal’s drastic change. She tells Dida that Kunal doesn’t exist for them now, they should just think for Mauli. Mauli intervenes to save Mahek. He acts abusive just like Rajdeep. She stops Kunal from slapping Mahek.

She gets reminded of Rajdeep by Kunal’s indecent act. Kunal asks her to stay out of his personal life. Mauli pledges to stop Kunal’s evil. She doesn’t want Mahek to suffer like Nandini. She gets police to get Kunal arrested for his abusive behavior. Mahek gets a huge shocker with this and wants to save Kunal. She fails to explains Kunal’s drama to Mauli. Radhika decides to cut off her relations with Kunal. Kunal joins Radhika and Dida for the puja on his dad’s death anniversary. Radhika prefers to make Mauli perform the puja instead Kunal.


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