Yeh Rishta Dadi to face a threatening situation

Yeh Rishta Suhasini Dadi makes a shocking declaration

Yeh Rishta Dadi shocks the entire family. Kartik is much hurt because of Dadi. Dadi’s actions have shocked the entire family. Kartik consoles Naira when the latter tells him about Dadi not valuing their coming happiness. Naira cries out her sorrow over the family’s partial happiness. She doesn’t want her baby to suffer right from birth. She tells Kartik that it was too tough for her to conceive the baby in the state of her illness, but when that has become possible, Dadi has come up with gender discrimination. She doesn’t like to take stress. She ends up overthinking about balancing the wishes of Goenka family. Kartik finds Naira too troubled. He doesn’t want anything to affect Naira and her. He remembers doctor’s warning that he has to be extra careful during the pregnancy phase.

Kartik makes a legal document. He finds a way to bring Dadi on the right path. He tells Dadi and Manish about the mutual agreement. He says both of you can’t touch the baby or love, you can’t interfere in baby’s life, you can just have a glimpse of the baby when Naira or I are around the baby, so that we save the baby from your thinking. He threatens of leaving the house if they don’t abide the laws.

He tells them that he isn’t doing anything unfair with them, since they won’t value a baby girl. He gets threatening Dadi and Manish. He asks them to just sign the papers and withdraw their rights. Manish gets angered on Kartik’s move. Manish signs the papers and asks Dadi to sign it as well. Naira witnesses the family drama. She doesn’t want this to happen. She supports Kartik so that Dadi is brought to task. They blame Dadi to stop her from further mistakes. Dadi gets punished for her mistakes. Dadi is under the effect of blind beliefs. Kartik and Naira explain Dadi that they have to accept the baby, irrespective of the gender, since babies are gifts by God.

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Komolika says you want justice, all this is nonsense, you and Shivani are heart broken, you both are fraud and wanted to trap rich guys, you lost in love, you ruin others’ lives. Prerna asks her to stop it. Komolika says you didn’t listen to me when I gave you time to take the FIR back. She asks Prerna to just wait and watch. Komolika doesn’t want to spare anyone. She finds the charges on Ronit wrong. She wants to protect Ronit. She promises to defeat Prerna and whoever is supporting her. Komolika doesn’t accept failures. She gets threatening Prerna and the family. Prerna doesn’t deter and gives a tough competition to Komolika. Anurag will come ahead to help Prerna. This is when he will be meeting Komolika. Komolika will find him different and fall for him, knowing Prerna loves him. Komolika will try her best to snatch Prerna’s love.


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