High Five Spoilers Ishqbaaz Muskaan and more

Ishqbaaz Upcoming: Shivaansh attempts to restore peace

High Five Spoilers Ishqbaaz: Shivaansh goes missing again. Nani and family get worried for Shivaansh. Nani tells Khanna that she has kept a puja for Shivaansh. She wants Khanna to track Shivaansh and get him home. Khanna tells Nani that he has no idea about Shivaansh. Everyone tries to contact him. Shivaansh has left the puja and went to the hospital to help Aditi and solve her problems. Aditi is with her aunt at the hospital to get her treated. Aditi runs short of money to pay the medical expenses. Shivaansh offers her financial help. Aditi refuses to take his help. She wants to manage her problems on her own.

Vish Ya Amrit Sitara:
Viraj wants to get rid of Sitara. She is always around him and breaks his privacy. He wants to avoid her, but the situation brings them closer. Nethra gets jealous seeing them together. She feels Viraj will never fall in love with Sitara. Viraj and Sitara have a moment. Viraj’s mischief goes on. He has started liking Sitara. He is irritated that he lost his privacy, but he also feels happy to have a moment with Sitara. She does her work well and doesn’t go away even when he tries to trick her. They become friends and start bonding well.

Internet Wala Love: Jai doesn’t think PK is the right guy for Aadhya. He asks her not to marry PK. He tells her that she deserves a better guy. Aadhya doesn’t listen to him. He gets suspicious that PK isn’t a gym instructor. He follows PK to find out. He learns that PK is a background dancer. He gets all the family members for the party and plays the video. He asks his friends to dance along. Jai dances and asks them if the guy in the video looks like PK. Everyone observes carefully and see PK in the video. PK does funny dance in the video. Jai imitates him and makes fun of PK. He tells Aadhya that PK is a junior artist, not any professional.

PK’s mum Sushma gets angry hearing this. She slaps PK for lying to her about his work. She is upset that her son couldn’t show faith in her and kept secrecy in his work. Jai knows PK isn’t the right person for Aadhya. He wants to protect Aadhya. He is Aadhya’s best friend and wants the best for her. PK and Sushma feel bad by Jai’s doings. Jai likes to joke on others, without caring for their sentiments. He doesn’t realize that PK is hurt. PK gets angry and throws a challenge at Jai.

Muskaan’s truth comes out in front of Gayatri. Muskaan herself reveals her truth to Gayatri so that she can expose Sir ji. Muskaan puts everything at stake just for the sake of Ronak. Muskaan performs in the party, where she invites Gayatri, Ronak and Sir ji. Muskaan tells them that its a surprise for Ronak and his family. She tells them that Tirat Singh/Sir ji’s truth will be coming out today. She begins the shocking elements to unmask Sir ji.

Gayatri gets super shocked seeing Muskaan dancing on the stage. Even Ronak is shocked, since he didn’t expect Muskaan to take this step. Sir ji didn’t imagine Muskaam will get so brave to expose him. Sir ji thinks its good that Muskaan has got her truth out and will be getting hatred from Gayatri. Gayatri feels hurt seeing Muskaan. She learns that Muskaan is a dancer. Muskaan wants to reveal Sir ji’s evil face to the family. Ronak supports Muskaan.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer has become a chef for his wife. Zara asks him for whom is he cooking snacks. Kabeer doesn’t answer her. He wants to surprise Zara. He gets too busy in cooking. On the other hand, Zeenat is still against Zara. She is playing new games by instigating Ruksar against Zara. She tells Ruksar that Zara isn’t her friend and used to treat her really badly in the past. She makes Ruksar oppose Zara. Kabeer is making food for Zara since she has kept a fast. He invites Zara for Iftaar. She doesn’t accept his invitation. She gets adamant. Kabeer wants Zara to dine with the family. The family plans Shahbaz and Aisha’s marriage anniversary party. He suggests Shahbaz to feed the poor than throwing the party. He asks Shahbaz to think of doing good deeds than wasting money on rich socialites.


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