Ishqbaaz tunes a Replica of the old season

Ishqbaaz Negative entry to shatter Oberois

Ishqbaaz tunes a Replica. Aditi gets her aunt home and takes care of her. She asks her sister to look after aunt. Aditi acts selfless and helps her aunt. Mohini questions Aditi over being so generous. She wants Aditi to look after herself too. Khanna knows that Shivaansh has gone to meet his doctor. He hides Shivaansh’s illness from the team. He is bound by Shivaansh’s promise. He wishes Shivaansh comes back soon as the family is waiting for him for the puja. Nani enjoys her time with her grandchildren. She doesn’t know where is Shivaansh. She asks Khanna about him. Khanna gets hiding about Shivaansh. He lies to Nani that he has no idea about Shivaansh. Nani worries for Shivaansh. She doesn’t want Shivaansh to get any kind of harm. She agrees to do puja without Shivaansh.

Khanna wants the puja to be done for Shivaansh’s well being. Nani asks him to be honest and tell her if Shivaansh is in trouble. Dhruv and Radhika perform the aarti together just the way like Obros. Aditi performs puja with her aunt. She learns that her uncle is critical. She asks the matter from her aunt and wants to manage all the expenses alone. She asks her sister not to let any tensions reach aunt. Aunt feels sorry that she has become a burden on Aditi. Aditi gets grocery and tells aunt that she wants to fulfill her responsibility.

She asks aunt not to feel like a burden ever. She apologizes for not getting the grocery before. Aditi appears sweet and homely. Mohini learns about Aditi selling her ornaments. She gets upset. Aditi tells her that ornaments are taken to keep it as savings and use in tough times. She tells Mohini that her family is her power and she can do anything for them. Shivaansh returns home and tells the family that he has to go to the police station for his work. His siblings get confused. Shivaansh reaches the station and imitates Aditi to have some fun. Aditi tells him that he has come late.

Shivaansh covers up that he has turned up late. He gets flirting with Aditi. She scolds him for testing her patience all the way. He tells her that he has observed a lot of things about her. Aditi asks Shivaansh not to stress her with his irritating acts. Aditi wants to get rid of him. Shivaansh and Aditi don’t show their belief in the staff’s wrong beliefs. Aditi tries to get leads about the case. Shivaansh helps Aditi in his own ways. He uses his filmi connections to help her out. He asks Aditi to thank him and get his help in solving the case.


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