Yeh Rishta Next Big Twist of Naira’s death

YRKKH New Enemy enters to kill Naira and more

Yeh Rishta Next Big Twist: Naira clears the tensions in Goenka family. She makes Dadi realize her mistake. She doesn’t want Dadi to bring gender discrimination. She tells Dadi that they should better focus on the baby’s health, than the baby’s gender. She forgives Dadi and Manish for their stupid behavior and thinking. Naira tells them that she doesn’t want to end any relations. She doesn’t wish Kartik to do the same mistake like done in the past. She tells Kartik that they have to make elders realize their mistake and also learn forgiving people. Kartik and Naira mend relations again. They bring Dadi on right path. Dadi’s thinking gets a big change. She gives up the desire of getting a heir.

She stays positive about the coming baby. Dadi regrets for hurting Naira’s heart so much by her orthodox thinking. She is thankful that Kartik and Naira are so understanding. Kartik and Naira have cute moments of peace and joy. Kartik romances Naira and takes care of her. He applies her nail polish and asks her not to bend down to do any work, he is always with her at her service round the clock.

Naira smiles seeing him. She gets afraid for her baby after watching an action movie. He tells her that she shouldn’t see anything that hurts her mind and heart. He gets water for her to calm her down. He finds her disturbed and disconnects the cable connection. He also changes the Wi-fi password to keep her away from horror and action movies. Lav and Kush tell Naira that even they lost the access to Wi-fi because of her. Naira tells him that he shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of her pregnancy. She snatches the sweets from him and argues with him.

Naira tells Kartik that its time that they plan to welcome their baby. Kartik and Naira think of the baby names. Kartik stays in tension over Naira’s health issues. Kartik gets a nightmare of Naira’s death once again, which shatters his peace.

He doesn’t know what danger is hovering over Naira. He prays that the baby just gets happiness for them. Dadi and Kartik turn more caring towards Naira. Dadi promises to ensure Naira’s safety. All gets well in Goenka family. Dadi announces a baby shower for Naira. The twist of Naira’s death will be the next big one to ruin the family peace.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai wants to bring out PK’s truth. He gets insulting PK. Jai’s prank doesn’t make anyone happy. PK gets upset with Jai. Jai wants to gather proof against PK. He is on cloud nine that he has finally found PK’s truth. Everyone mocks PK’s dance. Rupa also laughs on PK and Sushma. She finds a chance to show down Sushma by commenting that her son is a big liar. Rupa is proud of her son for exposing PK’s truth. Jai didn’t mean to hurt PK’s sentiments. Jai isn’t aware of Aadhya’s big lie that PK is her lover.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag has entered Prerna’s life. She sees him everywhere. She is working for the Basus. Whenever she visits Basu family, she looks for Anurag. She misses him when he isn’t around. Anurag and Prerna have a moment filled with love in her dream. She tries to get naughty and tease him. She wants to tell Anurag that she is in love with him.

Mishka meets Anurag and romances him, which gets spotted by Prerna. Mishka and Anurag’s bonding upsets Prerna. Prerna isn’t aware that even Anurag is imaging her around. Anurag sees Prerna in Mishka. Prerna hides her feelings towards Anurag from Mohini and Mishka. Mishka suspects on Prerna when she finds Prerna in Anurag’s room. Prerna denies her feelings for Anurag, knowing she has no future with him. She sheds tears on her love. She feels she should have confessed love to Anurag long time back, before Mishka made an entry, but now she doesn’t feel that his love is written in her fate. She shares her pain with her sister Shivani. Prerna feels Mohini will get Anurag married to Mishka. Mohini wants to make Prerna away from Anurag. She meets Komolika and her dad to take about Mishka and Anurag’s marriage. Komolika wants to snatch Anurag from Prerna at any cost.


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