Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman to face an unexpected deal

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman to face an unexpected deal

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman struggles to find Ishita. Ishita tries hard to pass a message for Raman through the doctor. She feels Raman will soon find her if she makes a clue reach him. Raman misses Ishita badly. He doesn’t eat the food. Pihu finds him getting emotional. She consoles him and feeds the food to him. Rohan realizes the strong bond of love in Bhalla family. He asks Karan if he can’t see the love and emotions in the Bhalla family. He tells Karan that he has understood the emotional tendency in Bhallas which keeps them united and happy. Karan asks him not to get emotional regarding Raman, Ishita and Simmi.

Meanwhile, Raman meets Parmeet and begs him to tell about Ishita. Parmeet ends his ill drama and admits that he has kidnapped Ishita. Raman gets too furious knowing Parmeet is the mastermind behind the kidnapping. He wants to kill Parmeet. Parmeet acts like a patient once again so that Inspector scolds Raman for the mad behavior. Raman asks inspector to believe him that Parmeet spoke to him and admitted the crime. Inspector tells Raman that he will believe Raman, but Raman shouldn’t get instigated by Parmeet. He tells Raman that he will track the van and try to reach Ishita.

He asks Raman not to fall in Parmeet’s trap. Raman gets worried for Ishita and her dad as well. Mr. Iyer gets admitted in the hospital and turns critical. He is sent for the surgery. The Bhallas and Iyers get worried for Mr. Iyer, who needs a blood unit urgently. Rohan softens his heart seeing the family panicking. He tells Ruhi that he can help Mr. Iyer by donating his blood. Rohan’s big change surprises Karan. He didn’t expect Rohan to go to this extent for helping Bhalllas. Ishita keeps struggling to get her freedom. She tries hard and manages to trick the goons. Raman wants Mr. Iyer to recover soon.

She pacifies the Iyers. Sudha calls up Simmi and scolds her for forcing Rohan for blood donation. Simmi tells her that Rohan has come for blood donation by his personal wish. Sudha tries hard to stop her son. Rohan doesn’t come in Sudha’s words and stays determined to help Iyers. Sudha feels Rohan is getting entrapped by Bhallas. Ishita finally escapes and wants to reach the family. The goons rush after her to catch her once again. Parmeet wants Ishita alive to strike a deal with Raman.


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