Yeh Rishta Short leap to mark huge twists for Kaira-Keesh

Yeh Rishta Short leap to mark huge twists for Kaira-Keesh

Yeh Rishta Short Leap and more. Kartik and Naira celebrate their joy moments. They wish the time passes for them soon. Kartik tells her that he doesn’t want to look back into the past which had some bad memories. He just wants to look ahead and move on. He tells Naira that he wishes to take the baby in his arms very soon. Naira is happy that time is flying by. Naira gets dreaming about her shocking death. She feels she is getting such negative thoughts randomly. She doesn’t want to think about the bad vision again. She fears of a car accident. She doesn’t know what to tell Kartik.

She feels he will scold her more if she shares her bad thoughts. She thinks she shouldn’t give any new tensions to Kartik. She doesn’t want her negative thoughts to stress herself and the baby. Kartik is happy that Naira is continuing her studies and passing time easily. He doesn’t want Naira to take any kind of tension. He wants to let her do anything she wants. The show will be taking a short leap of few months. Dadi keeps a baby shower function for Naira. She doesn’t want Naira’s studies to come between their customs and rituals.

Dadi plans a grand Godh-bharai/baby shower function for Naira. Kartik plans a big surprise for Naira. Naira gets a lovely dress gifted by him. She gets decked up in the floral dress. Kartik completes her look with the floral tiara. He stays with her all the time and becomes a part of the beautiful journey of her pregnancy. He tells her that she is going to give him the biggest happiness of his life and he is much indebted to her.

Naira asks him about her look for the function. Kartik replies her with amazing compliments and makes her day. Kartik takes her lady love for the baby shower function, where Goenkas and Singhanias unite to bless Naira and the coming baby. Naira stays happy in her own world, sensing some danger around and suppressing the negative thoughts. On the other hand, Kirti stays stressed with Aditya’s changing behavior. Aditya acts good towards her and then shows up his evil side. Kirti wants to stay out of Aditya and Vaishali’s matters. Vaishali falls in deep trouble and calls up Kirti for help. Aditya awaits Kirti with a plan, knowing Naksh is away. Will Kirti be able to counter Aditya’s hidden plans? Will Naira conquer over her growing fears and have a safe pregnancy? Keep reading.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag tries to realize his feelings for Prerna. He wonders if its just friendship or more than that. He wonders why is he imagining Prerna when he calls her just a friend. He doesn’t want to marry Mishka, who was his lover before. Mishka is sure that Anurag loves her even now. She tries to know if Anurag is having any dilemma. She apologizes to Anurag for breaking his heart before. She wants to live happy with her. Anurag and Mishka’s relation news shatters Prerna. Nivedita knows Anurag has developed feeling for Prerna. She indirectly advises him to forget Prerna since he is going to marry Mishka. Anurag feels Prerna is very special to him.

He decides to name the relationship of love. He misses her many times. He thinks if everyone around him can sense his feelings, why is he denying to it. Mishka finds Prerna talking to Anurag’s picture and realizes that Prerna also loves Anurag. She clears out to Prerna that Anurag is just of her. Nivedita gets angry on Prerna and stops her from going to meet Anurag. Prerna gives a reply to Nivedita, which alerts Mohini. Mohini senses Prerna and Anurag’s relation turning strong.


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