Yeh Un Dinon Promising twists in Sameer-Naina’s marriage

Yeh Un Dinon Wedding accomplished for Sameer-Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Promising twists ahead. Sameer and Naina’s slow and steady marriage preparations go on. Sameer wants everything to go well, while his family poses some sort of problem to trouble Naina’s family. He feels the families clashes are ruining his inner happiness. Sameer makes sure that he limits his family from doing any demeaning thing. Still Mama ji and Mami ji don’t leave any stone unturned and go on insulting Naina and her family over their status and background. Mami ji taunts Naina for being so lucky to get a rich guy like Sameer. She applauds Naina for her cleverness to plan a good future in a rich household right from her school days.

Naina’s smile vanishes when Mama ji taunts on her family low standards. Sameer takes a move to pacify Naina, knowing Naina has never ever been after his richness. Sameer calms down the tensed situation in his engagement by surprising Naina with a recap of their love story.

Sameer reminisces their love story from the school days to college times to the current day. He tells Naina that they have gone through a lot to reach this day of happiness, and he will not let anyone spoil their success in love. Sameer shares his love story with Naina and gives credits to those who has helped him achieve true love. He gets grateful to ones who has supported him and indirectly taunts his Mama ji and Mami ji for not valuing love. Vishaka understands his unconditional love towards Naina, but doesn’t want Naina’s family to take advantage of her innocent son. Vishaka gets brainwashed by Mama ji and Mami ji. There are more twists lined towards Sameer and Naina’s pre-marriage functions. Will Sameer and Naina be able to face all odds by the strength of their true love? Keep reading.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi: Satya Devi is broken down by Richa’s pregnancy news. She packs her bags and decides to leave the house. Samar asks Satya where is she going. Samar has defeated Satya completely. Satya can’t explain him that she has done everything for her daughters’ betterment. Jaya loves her mother a lot. She knows Satya is very strong and can’t get broken so easily. She tells Samar that Satya is hurt since the family isn’t supporting her. Satya takes a shocking decision and leaves the house. She asks Richa to do anything in her life, since she is free to decide now. Samar is giving shocks upon shocks to Satya. Samar supports Richa and Puneet’s relation. Samar gets into an argument with Jaya after calling Satya’s move a well-thought drama. Jaya believes in her mother. She gets angered on Samar for disrespecting Satya’s emotions.


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