Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara keen to reform Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming: Zara keen to reform Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming: Ruksar feels sorry and apologizes to Zara for her mistakes. Zara forgives her knowing she is kiddish. She makes Ruksar sleep. Aisha visits Zara and tells her that even she is feeling guilty seeing the way Zara is living. She asks Zara how will she live in a poor state for long. Zara tells Aisha that she wants Kabeer to earn money and become responsible, he will realize his responsibilities only when he leaves his luxurious life. She says I will be passing my life in this poor state, I will wait for him to earn money. Aisha hugs her and tells her that she will support her.

Ruksar wants to help Zara in uniting her with Kabeer. Zara is sure that her plans will succeed and if Kabeer truly loves her, he can’t see her living in a poor state for long. She wants Kabeer to give her the deserved happiness. She shares her sorrow with Aisha. She is happy that Aisha is at least supporting her now.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega: Akshat and Guddan’s reception is held once again. Dadi does the rituals and gives Guddan’s hand in Akshat’s hands. She does their Aarti. Guddan attends the reception and new years party. Guddan wants to answer the guests and express her relation with Akshat to the society. She asks the taunting women to come ahead and bless them. Guddan comes with mischievous ways. Dadi gets happy seeing Akshat and Guddan together. Guddan wasn’t happy with the marriage, but its her motive that she wants to nab the kidnapper. Akshat supports her motive. He is mending his ways for the sake of Guddan. Guddan keeps the masquerade theme to catch the kidnapper. Guddan hopes that her plan works and she identifies the kidnapper by his eyes. She observes the people in masquerade party.


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