Yeh Rishta Big Mystery Revealed in Naira’s baby shower

Yeh Rishta Big Mystery Revealed in Naira's baby shower

Yeh Rishta Big Mystery: Dadi keeps Naira’s baby shower ceremony at home. Naira gets stuck at the exam centre. The exam gets delayed. Naira wants to rush home soon before Dadi knows about the exam. Kartik and Naira make an excuse that they have gone to a temple, so that Dadi doesn’t get upset on them. Naira takes a stand when the college mates make fun of her pregnancy. She doesn’t think pregnant women are someone to be mocked. She tells them that pregnant women have a big responsibility to bring a new life into the world and they should be applauded. She explains them that a pregnant woman can do any work, she can be a multi-tasker and even study.

Naira finishes her exam on time and rushes back home for the baby shower function. Naira gets ready for the function, which leaves Kartik stunned. She looks very mesmerizing. She wants Kartik to compliment her. Kartik teases her and doesn’t compliment as she imagined. She wonders what’s wrong with Kartik. Kartik then tells her what she means to him, she is his world. He tells her that baby belongs to them and the baby shower function is of him as well.

On the other hand, Kirti too prepares for the function. She misses out Naksh. Manish tells her that her family will always be with her and even Naksh would be turning up. Kirti awaits Naksh. She isn’t aware of Aditya’s evil intentions. Aditya intends to harm Kirti and kill her unborn child to break her relation with Naksh. She also wants to get rid of Vaishali, who is keen to marry him. The baby shower function brings many twists and turns. Kirti is close to her delivery dates. Manish congratulates her and compliments. He blesses her and tells her how much he is waiting for his grandchild.

The Goenkas and Singhanias plan the grand function for Naira and Kirti together. They sing, dance and enjoy the function. Kartik thanks Naira from baby and his side. Kartik and Naira dance and celebrate their happiness. They go for the photoshoot. They have sweet moments. They don’t want Naira to have any fear in mind. Naira senses some danger around every time. Kartik pacifies her. He doesn’t know the reason for her fears.

Naira recalls the accident and the fatal threat on her. Aditya wants revenge on Kirti. Vaishali is against Aditya’s motives. Aditya and Vaishali’s relationship truth will be coming into picture when someone from Aditya’s past attends the baby shower. The person will be admitting Aditya’s crime and hidden intentions. The secret behind the accident will be coming out. Aditya’s planning behind the accident gets known to Kartik and entire family. What will Kartik and Naira do next? Keep reading.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham explains Ilaychi that they should not show their love to the people, else their love will catch bad sight. She threatens him that she will break up with him. Pancham asks her not to threaten him all the time. He confesses love to her. He has to inform about his love story to Murari and Karuna and take their permission for marrying Ilaychi. Pancham tries to get leave from Murari so that he can take Ilaychi to Shimla. Murari doesn’t listen to him. He asks Pancham to work hard and earn money for his family. Pancham feels troubled by pressure from Ilaychi’s side.


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