Yeh Un Dinon Twists to thump Samaina’s Sangeet

Yeh Un Dinon Sweet memories and a dreamy home

Yeh Un Dinon Twists from engagement to Sangeet. Sameer and Naina get stunning looks in their engagement function. They pose for the pictures. Sameer wants their smiling pictures so that they can have memories to share with their children. Sameer and Naina face the odds and finally get engaged. They are very happy that they have united and taken the first big step towards their marriage. Sameer romances Naina, while she reminds him about the guests around. Sameer’s friends come to them and stop the photoshoot. They inform about the fight happening between both the families. Sameer and Naina rush to stop their families’ clash. They try to calm down Rakesh and Vishaka’s argument. Naina then performs dance in her Sangeet ceremony to please Vishaka.

She diverts Vishaka by showering affection. She gets Vishaka for the dance as well. Sameer and Naina manage the tricky situation by their smartness. Sameer feels proud of Naina, who has started winning Vishaka’s heart. He knows that once Naina makes a place in Vishaka’s heart, Vishaka won’t be coming in Mama and Mamis words.

Mama and Mami had announced the dance performance by Naina to trouble her. When she fails them by a rocking dance performance, they feel lost. Naina takes blessings from Vishaka. Vishaka gets emotional when Naina calls her Maa. Vishaka wants to reciprocate love towards her would be Bahu. Naina has to work hard to get Vishaka on her side. She feels she is half way there and will win if Sameer supports her.

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