Tonight in YRKKH: A new dilemma for Naira

Tonight in YRKKH: A new dilemma for Naira

Tonight in YRKKH: Kartik gets pleased with Naira when she takes class of the fellow mates. The exam paper reaches on time. Naira rushes for her exam. She hopes that she writes her exams well and passes. Kartik encourages her. He tells her that she will do well, he is sure since he is her teacher. Kartik and Naira share about the pregnancy, their way of handling it and the baby shower function with the girls. The girls make excuse and run away when Kartik goes on talking being super excited. Naira laughs on his cute gestures. She tells him that he is very cute and will become world’s best dad. She expresses love for Kartik. He tells her that its their baby shower today and they should enjoy each moment of it. He hopes that he handles Dadi.

He lies to Dadi about the temple visit. Dadi asks him to call her soon when he leaves from the temple. Kartik gets positive. Kirti speaks to Naksh regarding her work issues. She doesn’t want Naksh to stay upset because of her issues. Dadi keeps calling Kartik to know about their return. Dadi learns about Naira’s lie. Kartik covers up Naira’s lie. Kartik tries to mislead Dadi. Naira takes help from Kartik when she faces the tough rules of exam committee. She quickly finishes the exam.

Manish feels proud of Kirti, who is fighting with the situation bravely. He tells her that he will help her in getting decked up. He reminds her childhood days. Kirti gets happy with Manish’s sentiments. Naira sees Kartik’s attention getting divided because of some girls. She grows insecure and vents out anger on him. He understands her jealousy and rejoices. Dadi wants to know where did Kartik and Naira go. Kartik and Naira turn up on time and doesn’t let Dadi know their lie. Naira gets decked up for her baby shower function. She gets happy to have her baby soon. Kartik pulls Naira’s leg. She feels he has changed, but she will still love him.

She gets in a new dilemma over the change observed in Kartik. Kartik and Naira celebrate with the family. Goenkas get happy for Kirti and Naira’s baby shower. They get complimenting the two would be mothers. Both the families together plan a fun ceremony and begin with the gift shaguns. The women demand the men to leave from the ceremony. Kartik finds it unfair. He wants to be a part of the baby shower.


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