Upcoming in Yeh Rishta: Surprises Shocks in baby-shower

Upcoming in Yeh Rishta: Surprises Shocks in baby-shower

Upcoming in Yeh Rishta: Kartik welcomes everyone in the baby shower function of Naira Goenka. The house gets beautifully decorated. Everyone sings and dances. Suwarna’s homecoming doubles the joy of Goenka family. Manish and Akhilesh don’t let Kirti exert much. They treat her like a princess. Kirti gets happy to get the love of her family. Kartik lifts Naira and gets her downstairs. He doesn’t want any risk for Naira. Naira’s entry is made special by Kartik. The family blesses Naira. She likes the sight of everyone dancing on a happy song. Elders, kids and both the would-be-mothers dance along. Everyone misses Naksh in the celebrations.

Kartik and other men are commanded by Dadi to leave from ladies’ function. Kartik makes excuses of clicking a selfie. Dadi doesn’t listen to him. She makes the men out. All the women do mimicry of their husbands and share a laugh. Dadi catches Kartik attempting to break into the ceremony again. Everyone knows about Kartik and Naira’s strong and crazy love. Kirti texts Naksh and asks him to plan his arrival soon.

Naira has fear about her baby’s life. She talks to her baby in womb and shares her fears. Suwarna and Dadi stay on toes for Kirti’s delivery, since she is close to her due. Naira gets surprised when Kartik dons a ghunghat and performs for her. All the men of Goenka and Singhania family join Kartik and unveil their surprises for their wives.

Goenkas and Singhanias await Naira and Kirti’s babies’ arrival in the family. There will be twists and turns in the baby shower ceremony with a big revelation about Aditya’s plotting of murder.

Jiji Maa:
The show takes a seven year leap. Suyash and Falguni get separated because of the big twist of their baby’s demise. Suyash ends ties with her, holding her responsible for baby’s loss. Suyash leads his life alone, while his family tries to convince him to get Falguni home. Suyash doesn’t want to forgive Falguni. He holds anger and annoyance towards her. Suyash changes a lot in the seven years. He has become selfish and ambitious, unlike before. He gets hatred for poor people, thinking they always have a motive behind their talks.

Suyash doesn’t like anyone mentioning Falguni’s name. Suyash works in his office. His secretary gets tea for him. When he consumes the tea, he gets dizzy. He faints down. He gets conscious in some time. He gets a shocker when the girl blames him for molestation. Suyash is innocent. He knows she is blaming him without any reason. She calls the entire office staff to defame him. Suyash proves his innocence and turns ruthless. He fires the secretary from work knowing her cheat. He hates such opportunistic people.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Prerna and Anurag come closer while she works in Moloy’s office. Anurag is part of the office and does his work sincerely, without throwing the tantrums of the boss. Anurag leads the staff and gives a presentation to involve them well. He gets busy in work. Prerna adores him, while watching him busy in the presentation. Anurag sees Prerna outside the cabin. He calls her in. Prerna and Anurag have a moment. Anurag is also realizing his love for Prerna. Mishka, Nivedita, Mohini and Komolika will play the villains in their love story. Nivedita can’t stand Prerna in office. When Mishka visits Anurag, she finds him with Prerna.


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