Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep and Aarohi’s romance returns

Ishq Mein Marjawa Deep and Aarohi's romance returns

Ishq Mein Marjawa Deep and Abhimanyu have a fight. Abhimanyu has a misconception that Deep has ruined his life. Abhimanyu also regards Deep as his dad’s killer. Abhimanyu blames Deep for snatching his richness and also his dad. Abhimanyu gets hurting Deep. Aarohi reaches them and sees the ongoing fight. She stops them and defends Deep. She tells Abhimanyu that Deep isn’t any evil person. Aarohi misses Deep and goes lost in his memories. When Mr. X gets around her, she warns him against coming close. Mr. X expresses love for her. Aarohi goes to meet Deep. They share close moments and get emotional recalling their journey.

Their love story has never been easy. She tells him that she can cross all hurdles if he is with her. She wants Deep’s genuine love. Deep romances Aarohi. They are fed up of their fights. Aarohi tells him that she wants to have a peaceful life with him. Their story comes back on right track. Aarohi falls asleep. Deep goes to meet Vasundara. Aarohi wakes up and finds herself tied. She sees Mr. X.


She gets a huge shock and gets worried that Mr. X has harmed Deep. Deep returns and finds Aarohi tied up. She asks him where did he go. He tells her that he had got Vasundara’s call and went to see her, but he has come back soon. He quickly frees her and asks her how did this happen. He senses someone inside the room and looks for the hidden enemy. He asks Aarohi to stay there, till he finds the enemy.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai and PK have a cycle race. They both have a bet that the winner will be getting Aadhya’s love. PK tells Jai that if he wins, he will be marrying Aadhya. Jai wants to bring his true face out. Jai wants to keep PK away from Aadhya. PK cheats and wins the race. They both want Aadhya. They get insulting each other. Jai tells PK that he doesn’t deserve Aadhya. Jai and PK have a fight. Jai loses the race and fears that he has lost Aadhya as well. PK receives the winner’s trophy and gives it to his mum. Sushma feels proud of him. She gets happy boasting his success. She shows off the trophy to Rupa and taunts her for Jai’s failure.


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