Ishqbaaz Shivani to receive a shocker

Ishqbaaz Negative entry to shatter Oberois

Ishqbaaz Shivani arrives home to surprise the family in a dramatic way, since she aspires to become a theatre actor. Shivaansh knows her craze for acting and understands the prank played by her. Shivaansh gets happy to meet his sister Shivani after a long time. Shivaansh and Shivani are Shivay and Anika’s children, who are raised by Dadi and Nani. Dadi gets preparing things for Shivani’s marriage. Shivani tells Shivaansh that he will definitely like the guy she has chosen. He congratulates her for the big decision. He wants Shivani to live in peace. Shivaansh’s fake kidnapping news leaks out in media. Shivani’s would be in-laws call off the alliance after Shivaansh’s defamation.

Shivaansh feels responsible for Shivani’s tears. Shivani acts strong and tells him that no relation matters to her more than her family. Dadi worries for Shivani’s future. She sympathizes with Shivani. Shivaansh makes an apology to Shivani. He wants to confront Aditi for leaking the news when he had clearly warned her against hurting his family.

Shivaansh promises Dadi that he will fix up everything, which reminds her of Shivay. Shivaansh also becomes the protective wall for the family like Shivay. What will Shivaansh do to set things right? Keep reading.

Karn Sangini:

Urvi’s dad gets a paralysis attack. Urvi and Karn visit him. Urvi gets worried for her dad. Urvi’s mum asks her not to check his pulse. Urvi asks her why is she doing this. Urvi’s parents are doing this drama to make Karn the King of their province. Urvi’s mum asks Karn to see the state of her husband and accept their decision. She requests him to take on the throne and the responsibilities of the province. Urvi finds something fishy. Karn doesn’t know the drama. He gets speechless. Karn wants to fulfill all the responsibilities, but not as a King.


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