Jiji Maa Leap: Suyash and Falguni’s estranged relations

Jiji Maa Leap: Suyash and Falguni's estranged relations

Jiji Maa Leap of seven years takes place. Falguni finds Uttara on the roads in a poor state. She gets Uttara home to take care of her. Uttara loses her mental balance, since the family had thrown her out of the house. She gets revengeful against Suyash. She tells Falguni that she will kill Suyash. She gets too angered and throws the things around. Falguni attempts to calm her down. She tries to make Uttara’s hatred less for Suyash. Meanwhile, Suyash gets arrested when the secretary accuses him for molestation. Falguni knows Suyash can’t do anything such and takes a stand for him.

Suyash is innocent and opposes all the blames. Falguni compels the secretary to speak out the truth and stop the arrest. The lady gives the statement to police that Suyash is innocent and it was her mistake to plot all this. She tells him that she had joined his business rival to take revenge on him.


Suyash doesn’t know that Falguni is his savior. He gets suspecting Falguni. He doesn’t know why did Falguni meet the lady. Falguni and Niyati manipulate the lady and make her admit the truth. The lady withdraws the case and apologizes to Suyash. Suyash stays disturbed by the shocking allegations. Vidhaan pacifies him. Vidhaan and Niyati wish that Suyash and Falguni unite again by some kind of link forming between them. The family isn’t aware that Govind is alive. Govind makes an entry in their lives unknowingly. He will be uniting his parents.


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