Yeh Rishta Unpleasant news for Kirti next

YRKKH Kirti and Kartik First major clash WHY

Yeh Rishta Unpleasant news arrives for Kirti regarding Naksh’s arrival. Naira stays upset with Kartik, and ignores the efforts he is putting for the baby shower. She wants him to call her beautiful. She misses the old romance in their lives. Kartik wants to attend the function, but the women oust the men form the function. Akhilesh shares his rocking idea with men. Manish agrees with him. Naksh informs Kartik that he won’t be able to come in the function for a reason. Kartik asks him to come home soon, since Kirti is waiting for him eagerly. He asks Naksh to at least try for Kirti’s happiness. He wishes Naksh doesn’t face hurdles and comes back home on the right time. The elders tell Kirti and Naira about the rituals. Naira wants to know if she has changed a lot and doesn’t look beautiful now. She shares her dilemma with Kirti.

Kirti tells her that there is no change in her and maybe Kartik is just teasing her. She asks Naira to enjoy the phase and not think anything. Kartik tells the men that they have a right to watch the baby shower function. He instigates them to raise a voice against injustice happening with them.

The ladies try to bring in fun in the function by introducing fun games. The men enter the function by concealing their identity. They enjoy the function. They want to see what happens next. Kirti asks Naira to mimic Kartik. When Naira does the mimicry, the ladies laugh knowing his tantrums. Kartik gets annoyed and controls himself from going to her. The function goes on well. It gets more merrier for them when the ladies sing and dance. The men also join the celebrations.

Naira wants Kartik’s full attention. Kartik finds Naira upset and wants to know the reason. Naira wants to take a decision on Kartik’s behavior. The puja begins on the mahurat. Kirti sets a plate for puja and wishes Naksh comes on time. Kartik and Naira have a cute nok-jhok. Kartik wants Naira to know that she just loves her. He tells her that Naksh isn’t coming. They worry for Kirti’s happiness that would get spoiled by this news. Kirti learns this unpleasant news and gets upset.


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