Kulfi Kumar Fresh start for Sikandar and Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Fresh start for Sikandar and Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Fresh start planned by Kulfi and Amyra for their parents. Sikandar and Lovely break the news to Kulfi and Amyra that they are ready to give a chance to their relationship, their marriage and their togetherness for the sake of Amyra’s happiness. They tell Amyra that they won’t be getting divorced now. Amyra gets too overjoyed and hugs her parents. Kulfi is also happy that their plan has finally worked and Sikandar has agreed to reconcile with Lovely.

She asks Sikandar what does the word chance mean, which makes him feel guilty, since he has promised Lovely that he will give a sincere try to keep their relation. Lovely has kept the condition that Sikandar will get 30 days to make or break the relation, but he has to choose Kulfi over her. She asks him to just get rid of Kulfi if he wants his family back. Sikandar gets helpless to listen to Lovely. He fails to answer Kulfi. Kulfi has no idea that she will be getting separated from her father once again. Will she make a sacrifice and get away from Sikandar’s life? Keep reading.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Rifat makes sure that she emplys Chiku against Mariam and Fawad. She makes excuses to separate Mariam and Fawad, so that they can never unite. Rofat gets spoiling their relation by putting Chiku in danger and putting the blame on Mariam, so that Fawad gets furious. Rifat wants Fawad to get rid of Mariam some how. When Chiku falls in risk again, Fawad questions Mariam over getting her home when she is failing to keep the responsibilities. Mariam reminds him that he has also promised to look after Chiku well, but he is also failing due to his hectic schedule of work. He challenges her to manage Chiku and prove that she is a better multi tasker. A rift gets created between them because of Chiku.


  1. This is Bullshit with the Kulfi serial… that’s why I stopped watching program a long time ago… it’s too much stress for a child to take and can also leave the child depressed and suicidal ? … you all should be ashamed to continue with this serial the way it is going!!! What madness are you showing to the younger audience??? I am so disappointed in the writers!!! No wonder the trp’s keep decreasing… The Villain Witch is now the heroine and good guy, who “murdered” Kulfi’s mother in a hit and run and almost killed Gunjan (crippled, then sent to the finest institution for recovery) … what a load of CRAP!!!


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