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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Spoilers On TellyReviews Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika gets attacked by a goon. She beats him up. She saves Pankti’s life. She reveals her marriage truth to Pankti. Pankti finds Vedika protecting Sahil. She gets a huge shock by the big revelation. Pankti tells her that she will tell the truth to Sahil. Vedika makes her swear that she will not tell anything to him, that could hurt Sahil. She threatens to leave the city if Pankti discloses anything. Pankti doesn’t want Vedika to sacrifice. She promises Vedika that she won’t tell anything to Sahil. She apologizes to Vedika for coming between Sahil and her. Pankti is very confused as the drama has to end some day. She sympathizes with Vedika’s situation.


Roop gets an award in the welcome party in the hotel for his commendable work. Roop has impressed everyone by his work. The family rejoices on seeing his success. Roop and Ishika feel proud to have a supportive family. They hope Shamsher melts down and accepts Ishika as the house’s bahu soon. They celebrate a happy time with the family.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham is upset as Pintu has gone missing. He worries for Pintu. Murari tells him that if Pintu has gone somewhere, they don’t need to worry. Ilaychi wants to marry Pancham. She asks Murari to get Pancham remarried since his first wife has run away. She wants to convince her parents for Pancham and her marriage. Pancham plays the drama of being a Devdas in sorrow and wants to melt Murari’s heart. Murari can never imagine that Ilaychi is in love with Pancham.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zeenat tries hard to trouble Zara. She is frustrated because of Ruksar. She doesn’t want Zara’s poverty drama to trouble Ruksar. Zeenat tells Zara that she can’t torture Ruksar this way. She gets Shahbaz on her side. Aisha supports Zara. Kabeer doesn’t know Zeenat’s planning and supports her. Zeenat frames Zara and fights with her. Zeenat has turned negative once again. She feels Zara has separated Ruksar from her. Kabeer and Zara end up fighting because of Zeenat. Zara wants to send Ruksar back home to stay with Zeenat. Ruksar refuses to go.


Chakor and Raghav are sent on a trip by Anjor. Anjor wants them to end their fight and spend some quality time together. Chakor refuses to go with him, but Anjor emotionally blackmails her and compels her to agree. Chakor and Raghav fall in trouble on their new journey. Some goons trouble them when Raghav’s car breaks down. Raghav saves Chakor by some way. He fights with the goons and asks Chakor to run away. He wants Chakor to go ahead alone. She refuses to leave him in trouble. She also fights with the goons.

She feels guilty that she is supporting Raghav, and cheating Suraj. She knows Raghav is not Suraj. She doesn’t want to love Raghav. She is aware of his love feelings, since he has confessed love to her. She can’t accept Raghav. She walks on the road, being lost in her emotional dilemma. Raghav saves her life when he finds her meeting with an accident. He tells her that he is taking good care of her as he has promised Anjor. He tells her that he will always be with her. They get lift from a truck driver, who jokes and flirts with her. Raghav gets angry on the truck driver.


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