Ishq Mein Marjawa Goa track to mark Mr. X’s revelation

Ishq Mein Marjawa Goa track to mark Mr. X's revelation

Ishq Mein Marjawa Goa track: Mr. X spies on Deep and Aarohi. When they have a romantic moment, Aarohi tells him that he is her life and she was much worried for him. Mr. X stabs Deep to kill him. Aarohi gets worried for Deep. She saves Deep’s life by rushing him for aid. Deep and Aarohi have a masquerade party with a motive to find Mr. X. Virat dances with Upasana. Deep and Aarohi have hidden intentions just like others. They have romance. Tara will be concealing her identity by the mask and plans to attack someone. A person dies in the party. Aarohi has poison in her gloves. When she holds someone else while dancing, the man dies by the poison effect. Deep sends the man to the hospital for aid.

She finds Vasundara in a modern avatar. She spies on her and finds her meeting someone. Mr. X wants to kill one of them and plants poison in many things around. Deep has to protect Aarohi from the hidden poison. Deep and Aarohi get caught by Mr. X. When Deep fights with Mr. X, Tara hits on Deep’s head and faints him down. She makes Mr. X escape. Aarohi rushes to attend injured Deep. Upasana tells Aarohi that she hates Deep, she wants to kill Deep. Aarohi asks the reason for her hatred. Upasana says Deep has killed my brother, I will not leave him. Aarohi gets clues related to Mr. X.

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Anjor wants Chakor and Suraj to be together. Chakor is upset with Raghav, since he has proposed her for marriage. Anjor senses the tension between them and refuses to take her medicines. Chakor and Raghav get helpless for the sake of Anjor. Anjor keeps her condition that they will talk to each other well, else she won’t have her medicines. Chakor and Raghav promise her that they will live happy and together like before. Anjor gets happy and makes them hug. Chakor feels uncomfortable with Raghav. Anjor wants to end their distance.


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