Yeh Rishta Shocking Accident twist to shatter Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Kya Upcoming Shockers and Surprises

Yeh Rishta Shocking Accident: Naksh and Kartik are given the tasks to show their compatibility with their partners. The men also become part of the Godh bharai. Naksh makes a loop by thread perfectly for Kirti. Naksh gets applauded for being close to Kirti and knowing her very well. Kartik gets overconfident that he knows Naira well. He makes the loop double sized. Naira gets upset seeing this. She thinks Kartik isn’t observing her like before and losing interest in her. She gets too sad and loses her smile, thinking Kartik isn’t liking her because of the changes in her due to pregnancy. She wants to know why isn’t he calling beautiful and just cute.

Kartik explains her that he didn’t notice her weight gain or the changes in her physical appearance, so he has lost in the game, she is always the same for him and he has made the loop for her by confusion. He tells her that his weight gain doesn’t matter to him, she is the best and will always be best for him.

Naira gets mood swings. She thinks Kartik isn’t handling her mood swings by love. Naira gets angry that he has failed in the exam, which means their love is falling weak. She gets depressed by the misconception. Naira gets the same dream of her accident and the death again and again. She doesn’t understand the reason for her dream. She gets terrified and panics with the thought of he bad happening in her life. Naira travels and gets the same dream while being on the way home. Naira wishes that her baby stays fine. She doesn’t care for her life, and just prays for her would be coming baby. Naira meets with a fatal accident, as seen in her dream before. The accident news of Naira shatters Kartik and entire Goenka family.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag and Prerna meet again on the roads while travelling to their homes. They share a talk. He tells her that he will drop her home. He convinces her by a childhood gesture. He wants to ask her about her feelings. He has realized his love and wants to share his feelings to her. He wants to make a love confession. He takes some time to confess love to her and know if she also loves him. Prerna is also in love with him. He thinks of Moloy’s advice and gets asking her the same questions to conclude if she also loves him. Prerna finds his behavior getting weird. She doesn’t know that he has realized his love and wants to learn her feelings. Anurag misses the perfect timing to confess his feelings and drops her home.


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