TR’s Quick Reads: Jiji Maa and more hits

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Jiji Maa and more hits: Suyash faces his new rival Abhishek. Abhishek has much pride. He tries to insult Suyash, even when his plan fails. He tells Suyash that he has asked Bhavna to put molestation charges on him. He asks Suyash how will he manage strong contenders. Suyash tells him that he wants to know his motives. Abhishek says you have blamed me in front of the media, still you can’t do anything, Bhavna is proved liar once and now no one will believe her. Suyash angrily throws wine at him to open his eyes. He says you will be soon losing. Abhishek threatens to ruin him. Suyash explains him the bitter things. He asks Abhishek to focus on his hardwork, than taking support from women to win the battle. He break the mannequins in Abhishek’s office and asks him not to underestimate anyone.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan and Akshat perform romantically in the party. Akshat is helping Guddan in her motives. They have fun when Akshat joins the young guys and shows his unseen avatar.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil begins a small-time business and names it Sahil Pankti Chaat stall. Sahil invites Vedika to his chaat stall and asks her to give the right review about the food, since her feedback will be important to him. Sahil and Panksi manage the chaat stall. Vedika is happy that he is working hard, but she is upset seeing Pankti with him. Pankti has to earn money to manage her mum’s expenses. Pankti argues with Sahil and works with him after liking his chaat stall idea. Sahil feeds the Panipuri idea. He finds her crying and asks the reason. She tells him about the spicy chaat. Vedika is supporting Pankti unlike the rest of the family. Vedika wants Sahil’s happiness.

Chakor and Raghav are lost in the jungle. They take lift from a truck driver. When the driver flirts with her, Raghav scolds him and asks Chakor to get down the truck, they will take lift from someone else. Chakor refuses to him and doesn’t understand his insecurities. She wants to avoid Raghav. She tells Raghav that they can’t cross the jungle alone. Raghav finds her silly and gets her down the truck to cross the journey on their own.


Shivaansh hosts the engagement party of his sister Shivani. He gets too emotional and keeps his promise to mend relations with Ahuja family. The family is very happy for Shivani. She wants Shivaansh to pamper her. She does a drama to win her brother’s attention. Shivaansh loves all his siblings equally. He tells her that Shivani is very special to him. They take Shivani for the engagement. Shivaansh makes Shivani wear the red chunri and blesses her to be happy in her coming life. Shivani gets engaged. Shivaansh compels Aditi to rectify her mistake. Aditi makes the engagement possible. When the power fails during the engagement, Shivaansh doesn’t let the darkness stay for long. He brings the light around. He lives the moment to the fullest knowing he has very less life left now. He wants to spread happiness around and keeps smiling.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya wants to get away from Jai. She wants Jai to hate her and upsets him. She wears shades to hide her sorrow and tears. He resigns from the office. She tells the colleagues that she is leaving. Jai taunts her. He keeps a farewell party for her. He invites her for the party and asks her to get PK along. The confusion between Jai and Aadhya goes on. He doesn’t know that Aadhya is behaving rude to him for a motive to go away. He comments on Aadhya and PK’s strange love story. He gets insecure when Aadhya changes towards him. There will be much drama in farewell party.


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