Kulfi Kumar Nimrat to return in Sikandar’s life

Kulfi Kumar Nimrat to return in Sikandar's life

Kulfi Kumar Nimrat will be returning in the track. Sikandar and Lovely’s fight turns ugly. Amyra wants their fight to end. Kulfi wants the same. Amyra tells them that they have to end their fight for the sake of children. She accepts that she has teamed up with Kulfi to bring them together. She feels sorry to lie to them. She tells them that she can’t choose any one parent, and wants them to choose her forever. She asks them to promise her that they won’t get divorced. Lovely tells Sikandar that she will not take divorce, but she wants Kulfi to leave from their house. Sikandar refuses to send Kulfi away. Sikandar and Lovely drag Amyra towards each other in order to have their rights.

They get mad in anger and neglect Amyra’s pain. Kulfi stops them and tells them that they have hurt Amyra. She tells them that they have hurt Amyra a lot and didn’t think their fight will break their daughter’s heart. Sikandar and Lovely cry and get depressed over the situation. Kulfi defends Amyra and takes a stand for her. Mohendar tries to find a proof against Tony.

Gunjan requests Tony not to reveal her name to Mohendar. Tony assures her that he won’t tell anyone about her. Sikandar and his family sit worshipping, while Lovely takes Amyra with her. Sikandar reminisces Amyra’s birth and their relation. He sings a song from his heart and cries. Lovely also sheds tears. Kulfi consoles Sikandar and tells him that its all destiny, but they have to go with the flow. She connects to him with emotions once again. He can’t decide to part ways with her for the sake of his family. Sikandar hugs Kulfi. She asks him to meet Amyra and console her, who loves him a lot.

She knows Sikandar loves them equally. She asks him to keep Amyra’s heart. Mohendar learns that Tony has played evil again. He doesn’t want Sikandar and Lovely to come in pressure by Tony and get divorced. Amyra and Kulfi meet and try to lessen their sorrow. Kulfi assures her that nothing wrong will happen. Mohendar meets Tony to confront him over recording Kulfi’s video and playing the video in the party. He reprimands Tony and asks him whom did he send to their house for this work.

Tony names Gunjan, who has helped him. Mohendar gets upset knowing Gunjan’s lie. He wants to know why is Gunjan shattering the family happiness. Kulfi doesn’t get any answers and finds the elders annoying. She doesn’t want any more problems. Sikandar and Lovely meet for counselling. They try once again to sort their issues because of Amyra. Sikandar asks her to just think of Amyra’s happiness and come back to her. He doesn’t want Tony to decide for his relation. Lovely asks Sikandar to choose between her or Kulfi. Gunjan doesn’t want them to unite, and contacts Nimrat. She invites Nimrat home. Is Nimrat really alive and will she return in Sikandar’s life? Keep reading.


  1. if it’s really true..then it’s great…..nimrat should return and tevar should also..n sikandar nimrat and kulfi a family and otherside tevar lovely and amayra a family and they all live together as brothers and sisters….and good friends

  2. Bring year back,loveless who had played so dirty,cannot ruin a child s life…She needs to learn a lesson,gunman is right in her stance
    Bring rebar back and twist the entire story…She deserves to face her faults,tevar is equally a good artist besides islander, he deserves to be reintroduced…Please.tx


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