Upcoming Yeh Rishta Aditya plots to kill Kirti

Yeh Rishta Revealed Aditya crime conspiracy surfaces

Upcoming Yeh Rishta Aditya and his girlfriend don’t get sighted even by Naira. Dadi stops the family from buying new clothes or toys for the baby. They don’t want the baby to catch bad sight. She tells them that even their happiness can catch their own bad sight. She acts strict just for the betterment of the baby. She finds everyone upset and tells them that she is afraid for Naira and Kirti, since they are away. The family doesn’t want her to worry. Dadi asks Suwarna to call them back. She can’t bear to stay away from children. She tells Manish how the negative thoughts are troubling her. When it starts thundering, Dadi gets worried for the storm knocking the door. Kartik and Naira spend time at the resort. She feels too hungry and demands food, knowing the chef isn’t available.

Kartik turns into a chef for her, just like she has prepared food for him at the Dhaba before. He tells her that he can do this too, since he also loves her equally. He feeds he food to her with love. She gives him fill points and praises his cooking skills. They spend some quality time together where he makes her feel special. Kartik asks her to get ready to leave. Naira unknowingly drops the dagger which Dadi has given for her protection from evil sight. They rush out of the Dhaba.

Naksh and Kirti are on the way to the resort and enjoy their alone time. She speaks to Vaishali for a while and gets close to learn Aditya’s lie. Kartik and Naira check in the resort. Naira gets a huge shock on seeing the room, which resembles her dream. She gets terrified and breaks into tears. She tells Kartik that she has seen a similar set up in her room. She doesn’t want the rest of the room to get free. Kartik pacifies Naira. He tells her that he has to fight with her fears and not give up. Naira tells him that its a sign of everything happening with them. Kartik doesn’t think its true or it will turn true. He tells her that they will change the resort for her mental peace. He wants her to forget everything.

Naira wants to understand the hidden sign in her dreams. Aditya and his girlfriend check in the same resort. They don’t get seen by both the couples. Naira doesn’t want the bad thoughts to overpower her senses. She gets surrounded by negative thoughts. Kartik, Naira, Naksh and Kirti meet and spend good time. Naira doesn’t want to take stress and thinks the tensions are taking a toll on her baby’s health too. Kartik is happy that Naira is forgetting the dream and smiling. Aditya turns evil to plan the deadly accident of Naksh and Kirti.



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