Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge twists with Ishita-Yug’s bonding

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ishita to tackle Arijit

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge twists. Sudha scolds Parmeet and tells him that he has ruined everything by sparing Ishita’s life. She has taken a big risk to support Parmeet. She tells him that he should have killed her in time. Raman returns home and tells the family that he has lost Ishita once again. He gets angry on Karan for informing everything to Sudha. Inspector interrogates Karan. Rohan finds hard to call his friend Ranbir. He takes phone from watchman by much difficulty and calls up Ranbir to ask about Ishita. He asks Ranbir to get medical aid for Ishita and not get her home soon. Ranbir tells his friends that he has to go to his job soon. He asks them to be with Ishita. Ishita gains consciousness and checks the medical treatment she has received. She wonders where she is. She gets into a fight with Ranbir and his friends.

They try to get her in control and explain her that they aren’t her enemies. When she unmasks Yug, she receives a big shock and faints down. Yug lifts her and takes her to the room. They try to make her conscious. They don’t know what happened to her, why did she get so much shock by seeing Yug. They decide to keep her captive until Rohan wants her at home. Raman fails to find anything about Ishita. Inspector tells them that he will find Ishita. He guarantees them that Ishita will be soon between them. Raman tells inspector that Parmeet is the culprit behind this. Inspector asks him to get proof against Parmeet.

Raman knows that Sudha’s sons are the informers in their family. He takes a gun to threaten them and ask about Ishita. He tells the family that he will find out where is Ishita by bashing up Sudha’s sons. Raman asks them to call up Sudha and seek the answers. Raman threatens Sudha about her sons. He tells Sudha that he will kill her sons, since he is really losing his mind. Karan asks Sudha to tell Raman about Ishita if she knows anything. Sudha asks Raman not to harm her sons. Raman demands Sudha to come to Bhalla house if she wants her sons. Sudha tells Parmeet that she is going to meet Raman and save her son.

She wants her sons save. She gets threatening Parmeet. He tells her that he will expose her involvement as well. They both get fighting. Sudha meets Bhallas and begs them to leave her sons. She swears that she doesn’t know about Ishita. Rohan hides the fact that Ishita is with his friends. Ranbir asks his friends to make Ishita smell chloroform so that she doesn’t get up to oppose them. Yug smells the chloroform by mistake. Ranbir tries to get Ishita in control, when she bonds with Yug emotionally. Yug informs Raman about Ishita and gives him the address.



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