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Quick Reads Ishqbaaz: Shivaansh is suffering with a critical illness. He names all his property to Radhika. He shares his secrets and pain with his bodyguard Khanna. He tells Khanna that he has transferred the property to Radhika. He meets the lawyer and signs the property transfer papers. He wishes that Radhika and his other siblings take care of the Oberoi empire. Shivaansh forgets his sorrow for the sake of his siblings. He doesn’t want any sorrow to touch them. He stays happy and smiling. Shivaansh spreads joy in the family.

Shakti: Soumya takes care of the baby and determines to protect him from all the troubles. She becomes shield for him. Preeto calls Pandit for baby’s naming ceremony. Soumya and Harman sit for the naamkaran puja along with the baby. Pandit ji asks them to name the baby and gives the first alphabet. Harman takes the baby in his hands and tells baby that a child is known by his father’s name, but he will be known by his mother’s name. He says your mother is Soumya. He names him Soham Soumya Singh. Soumya smiles and gets touched by Harman’s words. Harman takes this step to make Soumya complete and happy. The show will head for a short leap and introduce child Soham. Soumya will be facing big troubles while raising the child, when the child faces the truth that Soumya is a kinner. Soumya will be shattered with Soham calling her a kinner.

Viraj feels he has hurt Sitara’s heart. He makes a cute apology to Sitara. He gets a heart balloon and writes sorry on it. He learns why Sitara is protecting him and doing her duties by bearing his annoyance. He tells her that he didn’t understand her feelings. He wants to win her forgiveness. He tells her that he is thankful to her that she has done so much for him. He feels sorry to insult her. He tells her that he wants to repent for his mistake and is ready to take on her anger. Sitara doesn’t forgive him easily.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zeenat wants to kill Zara. She gets a poisonous scorpion. She takes help of Ruksar in this evil plan. Ruksar takes the toy medical kit to check Zara and treat her. She plays the game with Zara. Zara falls asleep by the medicines. Ruksar realizes the scorpion inside the medical kit. She gets scared and runs away. The scorpion gets on Zara’s bed to bite her. Ruksar can’t leave Zara in danger. Ruksar rushes to call Kabeer to save Zara.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
The family celebrates Makar Sankranti. Sahil and Vedika come close while flying the kite. Pankti’s dad sends the goon to push Vedika down the terrace. Pankti sees the goon and goes to save Vedika. She pushes Vedika away and saves her life. The goon jerks Pankti down the terrace. Pankti becomes the target of the goons. She had learnt her dad’s evil plans that he wants to kill Vedika. Pankti risks her life to save Vedika. Pankti falls down and gets hurt. Vedika gets a huge shock and shouts to Sahil to rush to Pankti. Pankti doesn’t want Sahil and Vedika to fall in trouble because of her family.

Internet Wala Love: Aadhya saves Jai when his stole catches fire while he was dancing near Lohri fire. Aadhya covers him with her dupatta and they fall on the ground. Jai and Aadhya look at each other. Jai looks at her swollen eyes. He warns Aadhya and asks how dare is she to touch him. Aadhya says you would have got burnt. Jai says you were finding chances to come closer to me. Aadhya is hurt. Jai says he doesn’t let such a girl like her come near 500 radius to him. Aadhya is hurt and goes to Mumbai.


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