Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A dive into the past

Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A dive into the past

Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar tells Kulfi that Lovely is giving the relationship a chance again. He tells how he will also try to convince Lovely. Kulfi gets happy and is sure that Sikandar will be winning Lovely’s heart. She gets singing out of happiness. This makes him emotional. He hides the truth that Lovely wants her out of their lives. Lovely wants Sikandar’s attention and love. Sikandar finds hard to get away from Kulfi. He loves Kulfi a lot. He doesn’t know how will he live without Kulfi. Kulfi tells him that he is her hero and he can do everything well. They both connect by heart. Sikandar wants to agree to Lovely so hat he can bring Lovely closer to Kulfi. He wants to prove that they four can stay together.

He feels Kulfi completes his family. He gets happy to have Kulfi. Sikandar calls up Lovely and flirts with her to please her. She finds a big change in him. She asks him if he is fine. He tells her that he wants her in his house. Gunjan gets irked seeing their bonding. She calls up Nimrat to come home and meet Sikandar.

Nimrat is Sikandar’s fan who idolizes him. Sikandar and Lovely meet on a lunch date. She gets happy when he starts treating her like a queen. He does poetry to please her. He tells her that he didn’t decide about Kulfi yet. He asks her to let the time pass. Sikandar doesn’t lose his cool and stays calm to become someone whom Lovely can trust. He knows that she loves him, but doesn’t trust him. He wants to earn her trust. Lovely gets happy when Sikandar asks her for dance. They have a dance. They get into romantic mood. It turns out to be Lovely’s imagination. Lovely brings few changes in Sikandar’s lifestyle. He laughs hearing her. Meanwhile, Kulfi meets Nimrat who sings on the roads and is similar to her.

She connects with Nimrat and invites her home. Sikandar tells Lovely that he will quit anything as per her likes. Kulfi sings with Nimrat. They both get praising each other. Kulfi finds her a good woman.

Nimrat asks her to value her good voice and keep practicing. Kulfi gets delighted to know her name. Nimrat tells her that they will meet again if Lord wills. Kulfi wants to meet her again. Lovely gets choked. Sikandar gets too worried for her. He saves her in his unique style. Sikandar tells her that they will go home. He tells her how much restless he got seeing her state. He apologizes to her. She gets glad seeing his new side. Nimrat lands home to meet Sikandar. Nimrat tells him that its her dream to meet him. She hugs him and tells him how much she loves him. Lovely grows suspicious on meeting Nimrat. Kulfi gets happy to meet Nimrat. Sikandar gets stunned on hearing the name Nimrat, since it drives him back into the past.


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