High Five Spoilers: Jiji Maa Ishq SubhanAllah

Jiji Maa Ishq SubhanAllahto get shot on Karwachauth eve

Spoilers Jiji Maa Ishq SubhanAllah and more. Jija ji Chath Par Hai: Ilaychi and Pancham are planning their wedding. Ilaychi gets upset with him. Pancham tells her that he will talk to Murari soon. Ilaychi tells him that everything went well, Pintu Bhabhi is out of their league now. Pinky tells Pancham that Pintu has won a lottery. Pintu gets to know this and changes his mind. He gets happy to win a costly car. He tells Pancham that he will claim the lottery reward, the car. Ilaychi says Pintu can’t come back. Pancham says we will get Pintu from heaven, but we need the car. Ilaychi asks him not to turn greedy for the car.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna will get distant because of Mishka. Mohini accepts that Anurag is falling for Prerna. She doesn’t want this to happen. She wishes to stop Prerna from entering the family. Anurag imagines Prerna going away from him. He begs her not to leave him and go. He tells her that he can’t live without her and confesses his love to her.

Jiji Maa:

Laddoo finds a picture of Falguni in Suyash’s wallet. He asks Suyash if he loves Falguni. Suyash refuses to love her. Laddoo tells him that he can bet and prove his love. Suyash takes the challenge. Laddoo shows the picture in the wallet and proves that Suyash loves Falguni. He tells Suyash that now he has to hug Falguni, since he has lost the bet. Suyash unwillingly hugs Falguni. He has much ego and doesn’t want to accept Falguni. Laddoo is trying to bring them closer unknowingly.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil and Pankti have a kite romance. Pankti is working hard to unite them. She knows their love story and believes Vedika. She convinces Vedika to support her in reviving the love story. Vedika has agreed to take her help. Sahil comes closer to Vedika to teach her kite flying. Pankti is happy seeing them together. She falls down the terrace when her dad’s goon comes to kill Vedika. Pankti protects Vedika.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer goes with Imran to find a job. Zara has taught him the importance of hard work. He agrees to her and tells her that he will find a job and earn a living for her. He finds a driver, whose truck is stuck in the wet land. Kabeer and his friends help the driver. He didn’t help the driver for money. He works hard and helps the driver in pushing the truck and getting it out of the pit. Kabeer gets paid for his work. He lifts the crates too. He tells driver that he genuinely wanted to help him.

The driver tells him that he wants to pay him all by his heart and requests him to keep the money. He gets too happy when he gets his first wage. Kabeer realizes his responsibility and apologizes to Zara. He gives his life’s first earning to her. He tells her that if he had realized his mistake before, she would have not faced so much. He feels he isn’t a good husband. He tells her that he will earn money and fulfill her needs. He thanks her for making him realize his duties. Zara encourages him. They have a moment.


Ranvir catches Ishika and Roop and keeps them captive. He tortures them. He wants revenge on Roop. He finds ways to torture Ishika. Roop gets enraged seeing Ranvir’s madness. Ranvir blames Ishika for making him mad. He tells Roop that they all are responsible for seeing this dad. Ishika gets unconscious. Ranvir wants Ishika to come back to consciousness so that he can kill her. Roop gets helpless.


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