Kulfi Kumar Upcoming shocking twists and turns

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming shocking twists and turns

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming shocking twists. Lovely gets angered on Nimrat after seeing her stuff. Amyra tells them that Nimrat is too crazy for Sikandar and loves him a lot. She doesn’t want Kulfi to support Nimrat. She tells them that Nimrat shouldn’t be with them. Lovely gets angry when Nimrat’s behavior turns weird. Amyra tells Nimrat that Sikandar isn’t her family. She asks Nimrat not to keep Sikandar’s stuff with her. Nimrat fails to explain them that she loves Sikandar like a fan loves a star. She respects Sikandar and his bond with Lovely. Lovely tells them that this love messages isn’t called giving respect. Gunjan wants Nimrat to divide Sikandar and Lovely. Lovely rebukes Nimrat.

Gunjan consoles Nimrat and takes a stand for her. She tells Lovely that Nimrat is Sikandar’s fan. Sikandar understands that his fans connect with him. Nimrat tells him that she has no feelings for him. Amyra questions Nimrat about the tattoo named SSG. She asks Nimrat if she has got Sikandar’s tattoo as well. Nimrat clears their confusion and tells them that the tattoo is meant for her Lord. Amyra finds her lying. She asks Nimrat why isn’t she looking into their eyes. Kulfi feels Nimrat isn’t lying to them.

Sikandar asks Amyra not to question Nimrat. He believes Kulfi when she supports Nimrat. Lovely asks Sikandar not to fall in anyone’s words. She doesn’t want Nimrat in their house. She asks him to just oust Nimrat. Kulfi explains Amyra that Nimrat isn’t lying to them, she is just Sikandar’s fan. Amyra explains her that Nimrat’s presence will remind Sikandar of Nimrat, which won’t be right for Sikandar and Lovely’s relation. Nimrat agrees to leave the house. Gunjan doesn’t want Nimrat to leave. Sikandar falls in the emotional phase and tells Nimrat that she will live with them. Amyra asks Kulfi to befriend the wrong lady if she wants. She remarks that Kulfi has cheated her. She doesn’t want Kulfi to sing praises of Nimrat.

Gunjan threatens to leave the house if Nimrat leaves. She cares for Nimrat’s safety. She tries hard to change the family’s decision. She gets emotionally blackmailing Sikandar. He tells her that she is family and even her sister is family. He lets Nimrat stay with them. Lovely tests Sikandar’s decision. He fails in her eyes, which makes her enraged on him. Nimrat promises to find a new accommodation and leave soon. Lovely and Amyra get stubborn and angry. Sikandar and Kulfi share their feelings about Lovely and Amyra, who are making their lives troubled.

Kulfi cheers up Sikandar and asks him to find a way to convince Lovely. Nimrat admits to Gunjan that she really admires and loves Sikandar, and the tattoo is really meant for him. Kulfi encourages Sikandar and calls him a hero for her. She tells him that she blindly believes him and knows that he can make everything fine. He gets an idea to make Lovely trust him and also their relation. He wants Lovely to believe Kulfi as well, so that she doesn’t ask him to choose between her and Kulfi. He wants Lovely to accept Kulfi happily. Nimrat tells Gunjan that she wants to tell the truth to everyone.

Gunjan stops her from making the confession. She plots against Lovely. Sikandar tells Lovely that her thinking matters a lot to him. He pleases Lovely with his talks. He tells her that he has chosen someone else over her once again which would have made her upset. He promises to make up for it and tells her about his surprise coming up. He wants to prepare food for Lovely. He wants to assure Lovely that their relation has no threat because of Kulfi. He doesn’t want Lovely to tear him with the tough choice.


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