Aapke Aa Jane Se Sahil and Vedika’s love starts fresh

Aapke Aa Jane Se Vedika ousts Sahil from her life

Aapke Aa Jane Se Sahil and Vedika have a romantic moment. He realizes the old time for a second. She wishes his memories return. She wears the saree gifted by Sahil. He compliments her looks. Sahil holds her hand and takes her for Arya and Guddu’s engagement. Pankti has taken care of all the arrangements. She wants to help Vedika. Vedika is happy for Arya. Arya and Guddu get engaged. The family congratulates them. Pankti promises Vedika that she will unite them. Pankti creates the moments between Sahil and Vedika. She showers rose petals on them. She promises Vedika that she will make Sahil fall in love with Vedika once again, even if he doesn’t remember his past. Sahil gets friendly with Pankti and feeds her food. He feels guilty for her state.

He saves her from Manjula’s tortures. Manjula sees them together and asks Vedika to see how Pankti is trying to woo Sahil by acting helpless. Manjula provokes Vedika. Vedika understands Pankti’s intentions well. She doesn’t overreact. She tells Manjula that Pankti won’t be hurting them by entering Sahil’s life. She defends Pankti. She tells Manjula that Pankti is trying to unite her with Sahil. She gets emotional and shares a lovely moment with Arya. She looks forward to Arya’s marriage. She asks Manjula to focus on Arya’s marriage functions.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Kalyani goes to meet the guy at a college and asks him to return her sister’s pictures. She asks him to return the photos. Rahul tells her that her husband has insulted him in front of everyone and now he will not leave her. Rahul threatens to make the pictures go viral. He blackmails her and asks her to become her lover. He wants to take revenge on Malhar by getting Kalyani on her side. Kalyani gets a shocker when Rahul expresses his true intentions. Malhar reaches the college in disguise of a professor and follows Kalyani.


He gets jealous seeing Kalyani with her friends. He finds Kalyani in trouble. He catches the blackmailer. He gets into a fight with Rahul. He bashes up Rahul and tells him that he is Kalyani’s husband. Kalyani realizes her feelings for Malhar. Malhar arrests the guy. Malhar is also in love with Kalyani. He just has to make a confession of his feelings. Malhar has to find some intruders who has joined the college with evil intentions.


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