Kulfi Kumar Shocking train test gets fatal for Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Shocking train test gets fatal for Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Shocking train test. Lovely gets a surprise from Sikandar. Kulfi and Sikandar prepare the food for Lovely and show their efforts. Lovely understands that Sikandar is trying to bring Kulfi and her closer. She doesn’t want to bond with Kulfi, even if Sikandar compels her. She makes Kulfi away by telling her that she wants to spend time with Sikandar. She asks him if he has planned lunch for them or for Kulfi. She gets insecure once again. She tells him that he has always chosen Kulfi over them. She thanks him for showing her right place to her. She tells him that she can take care of the family, except her. She gets upset with him, when he favors Kulfi once again. He wants Kulfi to become part of their family. She wants Sikandar to give him importance. Lovely gets angry on Sikandar.

She barges out of the house. Amyra tells Lovely that Kulfi is missing her mom Nimrat more after meeting the singer Nimrat. Lovely gets worried and thinks of the time frame allowed to Sikandar. She gets fed up and wants Sikandar to choose either her or Kulfi. She meets Kulfi and asks her for a favor.

She asks Kulfi to prove herself to her. She asks Kulfi to help her take Sikandar’s test. She asks Kulfi to leave from their lives forever. She tells Kulfi that she will give her life if Kulfi doesn’t go. Kulfi doesn’t want Lovely to hurt herself. She promises to set things fine. Lovely risks her life to take Sikandar’s test.

Sikandar learns about Lovely’s move. Lovely tells Sikandar that she will be dying if he chooses Kulfi. Sikandar finds her much depressed. Lovely asks him to decide it soon. She gives him an hour time. Sikandar rushes to find Kulfi. He heads to the bus stop to see Kulfi. Lovely takes Amyra in her plan to know whom will Sikandar choose. She leaves Kulfi in a public bus and waits for Sikandar.

Lovely and Amyra risk their lives by walking on the rail track. She gives him a big shocker by telling him that Amyra and she are going to die. Sikandar asks her to stop the madness. He asks her where is she and why. Lovely tells him that he has to choose her and Amyra, else he will be leaving them forever. Kulfi gets conscious and finds herself in a bus. She fails to know how did she reach there. Sikandar tries hard to find Lovely and Amyra. Kulfi gets down the car and rushes to find Lovely.

She finds a railway track and thinks if Lovely has gone there. Amyra gets afraid seeing the train coming. Lovely tells Amyra that they will soon know what Sikandar can do for them. Amyra doesn’t want her life to end. She asks Lovely not to be mad. Sikandar and Kulfi soon reach the railway track and find Lovely risking Amyra and her own life. Sikandar gets a huge shock with his wife’s madness. He can’t afford to lose Lovely and Amyra. Kulfi wants to help them too. She gets her foot stuck in the track. She wants Lovely and Amyra to get away from the tracks. She doesn’t fear for her life. Kulfi sees the approaching train. Sikandar finds Amyra and Kulfi at equal risk. Whom will he save? Keep reading.


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