Yeh Rishta Dadi predicts the shadow of death over Kirti

Yeh Rishta Dadi predicts the shadow of death over Kirti

Yeh Rishta Dadi predicts the shadow of death. Naira feels Kartik is surely hiding something from her. She finds his behavior strange. She doesn’t know why did Kartik visit the hospital and lie to her. She wants to know the reason for his lies. She questions him after suspecting on his lies. She asks whom did he visit at the hospital. He tells her that he had gone there for the sake of Kirti. She gets stressed and wants to know if Kirti is fine. He lies to her that he went to collect Kirti’s medicines. He eats sweets and tries to divert her. He asks her to pray for Kirti, that she gets her baby soon. She makes plans to accompany Kirti at the time of her delivery. He can’t allow Naira to go there. She tells him that she will plan a grand party for Kirti and make her birthday memorable. Naksh meets Kirti and wishes her on her birthday.

He wishes she gets fine by fighting with the troubles. He wants Kirti and baby to come back in his life. Naira calls up Kirti to wish her birthday. Suwarna and family worry for Naira. They don’t want Naira to learn anything. Kartik tells Naira that maybe Kirti has slept, and isn’t answering. Suwarna sends Kirti’s old voice message to mislead Naira. Naira is sure that Kirti will be glad with the birthday surprise. Kartik weeps silently. Kirti’s state gets critical, which creates a panicking situation for the family members. Dadi informs Kartik about Kirti’s state. Kartik wants to rush to Kirti. Dadi contacts her Guru ji and takes guidance. Dadi receives a shocking prediction about Kirti.

She can’t believe the shadow of death over Kirti. She shatters with the bad prediction. Manish asks Guru ji to give them some solution to control the situation. Guru ji doesn’t suggest them anything. Things get worse for them after getting Guru ji’s word. Kartik asks the baby to stay fine until he returns after attending Kirti.

He hides from Naira and goes away. Goenkas come up with a way to pray for Kirti and Naira’s well being. Naira gets the same nightmare again and senses someone’s death. She stays terrified. She doesn’t know the danger hovering on the family. She learns the family has gone out together. She doesn’t know where is everyone. Kartik learns about Naksh’s suffering. Naksh doesn’t care for himself. He just wants Kirti to get fine. He doesn’t want to leave Kirti alone. Kartik commands him to get the treatment. Kartik avoids Naira’s calls while talking to the doctors. She is left with no option than to reach the hospital and know the truth. Doctors treat Naksh and try to lessen his pain. Kartik runs to meet Kirti. Naira wants her answers. She wishes to know the secret Kartik is hiding.


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