Kulfi Kumar Sikandar’s ultimate decision shatters Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar's ultimate decision shatters Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar’s ultimate decision. Sikandar finds Lovely and Kulfi are equal risk. He didn’t know that even Kulfi is in danger. He can’t imagine how he will save both of them at the same time. Lovely makes Amyra scream for help. Amyra and Kulfi scream for help and ask Sikandar to save their lives. Lovely pushes away Amyra and gets ready to sacrifice her life. Sikandar manages to save Lovely. He chooses Lovely over Kulfi. This agonizes Kulfi, who gets slipping in Sikandar’s memories while seeing a train reaching close to her. She closes her eyes and gets a huge shock. Sikandar fears that Kulfi has been knocked down by the train. He cries for Kulfi. He wants her back. Lovely gets glad that Sikandar has come to rescue her first.

She apologizes to Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t find Kulfi anywhere. He tells the railway officers that Kulfi’s leg was stuck in the track. He realizes that Kulfi has got saved since there are no marks of the blood. The officer tells him that his daughter will be fine and asks him to be hopeful. Sikandar asks Lovely where did she leave Kulfi. Kulfi stays in pain and recalls the moment where she has faced death because of Sikandar’s ultimate choice of his family. Her dream breaks. She feels Sikandar doesn’t love her.


She feels unwanted in Sikandar’s life. She decides to leave Sikandar and his family. She goes away from him. Sikandar prays that he finds Kulfi once. He runs to get Kulfi and finds her finally at the bus station. He hugs her and tells her how badly he wanted to save her. She doesn’t get happy on meeting him. She stays disturbed. Sikandar and Nimrat get Kulfi home. Kulfi stays in trauma. Lovely is happy that she has won Sikandar’s love. She thanks him for choosing her. He asks her if she is inhumane, how could she risk Kulfi’s life. Lovely tells him that Kulfi didn’t die. She tells him that they will not get divorced now. He realizes how selfish she can get. Lovely tries to put the blame on Kulfi.

Kulfi confronts her for leaving her alone in the bus. Lovely asks her to get back to her village. She gets angry that Kulfi had come to the railway track and created troubles for her again. She tells Kulfi that she doesn’t belong in their family. She wants to get rid of Kulfi. She yells at Kulfi and tells her that Sikandar will never choose her, since she isn’t related to him. Sikandar fights with Lovely when she speaks ill about Kulfi. Kulfi feels Sikandar didn’t save her and left her to die.


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