Silsila Kunal memory loss twist to shock Mauli

Silsila Kunal memory loss twist to shock Mauli

Silsila Kunal memory loss twist. Kunal returns to the family by fighting death. Radhika is sure that he will always have a good life now. Dida thanks Mauli for finding Kunal. Mauli is happy that he got saved. She wants to know what happened with him. Ishaan tells her that he will get the kidnappers punished, who has shot Kunal. Sandhya scares Pari and asks her not to tell anything to Kunal or Ishaan. She takes tension since Kunal has come back. Sweety tells her that its good that Kunal survived, else Mauli would have got more emotional and postponed marriage. She asks Sandhya to fix the marriage date and get ahead with the preparations. Sandhya breaks the marriage news to Radhika and Dida. She wants Mauli and Ishaan to get married at the earliest.

Sandhya asks Radhika to be happy that her son has come back to her. She tells her that now they should prepare Mauli’s farewell. She tells her big dreams for her son’s wedding. Radhika gets helpless, but agrees for Mauli’s marriage. Ishaan doesn’t want Sandhya to be so insensitive. He asks Sandhya to understand that Kunal is still critical. He doesn’t want to marry Mauli so soon.

Sandhya tells him that Kunal will get fine with time, but none of their concern. Ishaan doesn’t understand her rigidity. Sandhya asks him to just focus on his marriage. Radhika gets to see Ishaan’s tensions. She doesn’t want him to suffer more. She asks Mauli to marry Ishaan soon and move on in her life. She tells Mauli that its her right to live her life. Sandhya apologizes to Radhika, since she can’t invite her for the marriage. Mauli takes a farewell from Kunal’s family. When she starts leaving, she hears Kunal calling her out. He breaks out of his unconsciousness and reaches Mauli, shocking the entire family. Mauli gets happy to find Kunal fine. Kunal remains Mauli’s first love.

She cries happily. Kunal hugs Mauli and expresses his love for her. Ishaan and his mother get a huge shock seeing Kunal and Mauli’s moment. Radhika and Dida don’t know why is Kunal behaving so. Mauli fails to understand why is Kunal being expressive of his love. Kunal doesn’t want Mauli to get away. He asks her not to go to anywhere. Kunal loses his memories and wants Mauli in his life. Kunal forgets Mishti and Pari. His life’s big chapter wipes off from his mind. His memory loss comes as a big shocker for the family, and especially Mauli and Ishaan. Sandhya persists Mauli for the marriage. Ishaan wants to postpone the marriage for Kunal’s sake.

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