Yeh Rishta Kartik secret move to change lives

Yeh Rishta Another shocker for Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Kartik secret move. Naira gains conscious after her delivery. She wants to meet her baby. She asks the doctor to tell her where is the baby. She asks her to at least call Kartik. Naira gets crying and asks the doctor to give her an answer. Doctor tells her that she has to take proper rest, she isn’t fine. Doctors hide the fact from her that she has lost her child. Naira has delivered the baby, who had already lost his breath in her womb. She doesn’t know this truth yet. Doctor worries for her. She asks nurse to call Kartik fast, since Naira is going out of control. Naira gets heartbroken seeing the empty cradle. She asks doctor if the baby is in child care unit. Kartik worries that Naira can develop the chances of her blood clot recurring in brain. He gets the bad news of losing his child.

He shatters with this and doesn’t know how to break this news to Naira. He feels remorseful over the situation. He thinks he is responsible for Kirti and Naira’s state, since he had planned the babymoon trip. Doctor calls Kartik for revealing the truth to Naira. Kartik fears that he may lose Naira if he tells her that they have lost their baby. Naira wants to get up and go out to look for Kartik.

Kartik stands at the door and doesn’t have courage to face her. He wonders how will be give the shocking news to Naira. He sheds tears and gets restless. The sorrow comes in their life forever. Kartik learns that Kirti is still in coma, even when her delivery has been performed properly. Kartik gets Kirti’s baby in arms and gets emotional. He feels the fatherly feelings for Kirti’s baby, since he has lost his own baby. He gets confused and doesn’t know what to do.

He knows Kirti isn’t fine to handle her baby, and Naira can’t live without her baby. He takes a big decision to lie to Naira and hand over Kirti’s baby to her, so that she can raise the child as her own until Kirti comes back to them. Kartik will be hiding this big secret and giving Kirti’s baby to Naira. Kartik hides about Kirti’s complications from Naira. He doesn’t want her to take any tension. Kartik informs the family about Naira delivering a baby boy. Dadi and Bhabhimaa rush to meet Naira, and get too happy to see her son.

Dadi feels Goenkas have got the heir, finally with Kartik and Naira’s son. Dadi blesses Naira. Naira sheds tears of happiness and new hopes. This big secret will bring major twists in Goenka and Singhania family. Kartik will be lying just for the sake of Naira’s life. Will the families understand this and support Kartik? Keep reading.

Mannat meets Shivaansh and gets into a moment. She overhears Shivaansh and Avi’s conversation. Shivaansh tells Avi that once he catches the person who has hit him with the stone, he will get the person punished and also claim a compensation of 100 crores. Mannat gets worried and thinks she is at fault, she can’t pay 100 crores. She doesn’t want to land in jail. She gets tensed and hides from Shivaansh. She gets under a food trolley. Shivaansh finds the trolley moving and asks if its a rat inside. Mannat comes in front of him. She is very happy to meet him. She falls in love sight with him. She goes out and imagines romancing him. Shivaansh asks her if she is fine. Shivaansh asks her who is she. Mannat tells him that she is the new housekeeper.


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