High Five Spoilers Ishq Mein Marjawa and more

High Five Spoilers Ishq Mein Marjawa and more

Spoilers Ishq Mein Marjawa: There is a filmi twist in the show. Raj shows the bed of thorns to Aarohi and falls back. He tells her that he loves her and can bear any pain for her sake. Aarohi gets a huge shock seeing Deep hurting himself. She tells him that even she loves him a lot. She doesn’t want him to hurt himself. She gets him off the thorns and removes the thorns from his back. She gets crying for Deep’s wounds. Raj doesn’t reveal his true identity. He just tells her that he will always be her lover.

He has concern for Deep, not Raj. He doesn’t feel the need to reveal his identity. Raj is obsessed with her. He is taking advantage of Deep’s looks. He wants Aarohi’s love. Raj and Aarohi have a romantic moment. She suspects on Raj seeing the behavioral changes. Raj is confident that he will trick Aarohi. Deep is held captive by Raj. Deep struggles to find some way to escape and reach his true love Aarohi. Raj doesn’t want Deep to return in Aarohi’s life.

Internet Wala Love: Jai has kidnapped Aadhya once again. He wants to explain her that he loves her, and can’t get her away from his life. This time, he has a different motive to kidnap her.

He tells Aadhya that he just wanted to meet her and have a peaceful talk. He gets her outside her house to his car and asks her to listen to him, else he won’t let her go. Shubhankar reaches them and spots Jai. He gets angry on Jai and yells at him for this madness. He asks Jai to let them stay in peace. Jai counters Shubhankar. Jai is constantly facing Shubhankar’s anger. Shubhankar scolds Jai for meeting Aadhya. Aadhya gets defending Jai. She asks Jai not to get mad again and try such kidnapping, else he will fall in Shubhankar’s eyes further.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara becomes a maid for Zeenat. She takes Zeenat’s orders and cleans the big house alone just to make an earning and stay with the family. Zara falls in trouble. Kabeer reaches her to rescue. He gets helping her in the work. They have a moment. Zeenat tortures Zara and Kabeer. Aisha takes a stand for Zara. She asks Zeenat how can she ask Zara to clean the chandelier dust. She tells Zeenat that two servants are needed to do this work. Zara tells Aisha that she will be fine, she can manage the work. She stays strong and asks Zeenat to rest assured, she will do everything. Zara gains strength by Kabeer’s love and completes the tough task. She imagines Kabeer with her and stays happy even in problems posed by Zeenat.

Jiji Maa:
Laddoo brings Suyash and Falguni closer. Suyash refuses to take Falguni’s help. Laddoo finds Suyash hurt and helps him. He can’t see Suyash in pain. He makes Suyash smile. He asks Suyash to consider him as his son. Falguni cries seeing them. Laddoo reminds them of their long lost son Govind. Falguni gets emotional. Suyash is angry on Falguni for hiding a big truth from him, that she is taking care of their enemy Uttara Devi.

Perfect Pati:
Vidhita and Kabeer land in Rajshri’s house while finding a shelter. Rajshri helps them. She connects with Vidhita even when she meets with her new identity of Payal. Rajshri and Kabeer have saved Vidhita from the goons. Rajshri gets bit injured. Vidhita and Kabeer take her home to drop her. Vidhita sees Rajshri’s house and find th resemblance. Vidhita gets confused. Vidhita and Kabeer’s love story will be starting. Vidhita finds him a nice guy, who is very helpful and true. Vidhita sees her big photo frame and gets into a dilemma. She has no memories of her past.

Raja Beta: Vedant feels love for Purva. He goes to Rahul’s college and meets Principal. He comes home and tells Purva that he met Rahul’s principal and he is a nice man so he gave his address. Purva gets happy. Vedant and Purva are in the hotel still, when Rahul walks up to Purva and calls her name. Purva is happy to see him.


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