Kulfi Kumar and Sikandar face death bed twist

Kulfi Kumar and Sikandar face death bed twist

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar suffers a hart attack and collapses suddenly in his house. When rushed to the hospital, the family learns about his heart attack and critical situation in the operation theatre. Sikandar is taken for the surgery, but doesn’t seem to get revived by the doctors. Kulfi barges in inside the theatre to talk to Sikandar and make him respond to the treatment. She feels her emotions will connect with his heart and bring him back to life. Sikandar’s heartbeat stops which creates a panicking situation in the theatre. Kulfi tells him that he can’t leave her, even she will be dying if he dies. She urges him to wake up from his prolonged unconsciousness.

Kulfi fails to revive him and gets into a big trauma. Kulfi also collapses with a similar trauma. Kulfi too gets critical, while the doctors attempt to save her from the life-threatening situation. Both Sikandar and Kulfi lie on the death bed since they are connected by blood and soul. Doctor treat both of them together to ave their lives. Can Lovely understand their deep connection and accept Kulfi? Keep reading for more updates on the show.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash is angry on Falguni and returned to his house. He meets Falguni who reaches him to know if he is fine. He asks her why did she come inside the house. He pushes her away. She gets hurt. They realize someone’s plan to get Suyash electrocuted. Suyash gets saved by Falguni once again. She tells him that his life is in danger. Laddoo is scared and asks Suyash if he is fine. Suyash asks him not to worry. Falguni tells him that she has seen someone in Suyash’s room. She suspects Devraj. Suyash wants to increase the security at the house. Falguni is always there to save his life.


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