Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage talks get a stir. Zeenat challenges Kabeer that she will get Elena married to Sameer. Zeenat gets Elena on her side. Elena gets emotionally blackmailed and agrees to marry Sameer. Kabeer and Zara get a new challenge. They don’t want Elena to marry Sameer, knowing Sameer’s family isn’t good. Shahbaz and Aisha worry for Elena’s future. Zeenat calls Kabeer useless and asks him not to misbehave with her guests. She asks him to stop arguing, since he is good for nothing and can’t manage Elena’s marriage on his own. Zeenat wants Elena and Sameer’s marriage to happen for the sake of money. Aisha scolds Zeenat for falling low and selling her daughter. Zeenat asks them why are they boasting as if they are royal. She says Elena will be married in a rich household.

Zeenat asks him not to defend his dad and ask him once about his frauds in business. Kabeer asks her to stop lying about Shahbaz. She asks him to ask Shahbaz, she isn’t lying. She reveals Shahbaz’s cheat and shows the papers. Kabeer asks Shahbaz to answer him, if Zeenat is lying or framing him.

Shahbaz accepts his mistakes. Zeenat asks Kabeer to decide now, either let Elena’s marriage happen or get Shahbaz defamed. Shahbaz breaks down. Zara gives him strength. She asks Kabeer to forgive Shahbaz and not let Zeenat win. Kabeer unites with Shahbaz and hugs him. Shahbaz tells Zeenat that his family is united and now they will stop Elena’s marriage. Kabeer challenges Zeenat. He tells her that he will not let her ruin Elena’s life, she can’t do anything against their consent. The family chooses Elena’s happiness. Shahbaz and Aisha feel proud of Zara, who explains Kabeer to support them. They have a united family moment. Kabeer and Zara will be fighting Zeenat. Keep reading.


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