Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Miracle Revival for Sikandar-Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Miracle Revival for Sikandar-Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Miracle Revival. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he loves Nimrat who is also in heaven. She tells him that she loves him a lot, she will be with him all the time. He cries out his dilemmas over the worldly life. She asks him to come back for Amyra and her sake, since they love him selflessly. She asks him to think of his daughters and come back to life. Kulfi pulls Sikandar back to the world, by taking him quickly through the doors of heaven. They both come back to life together at the same instant. They see each other and get a relief. Doctors find this a miracle. Doctor wants to know their strong connection. Sikandar survives because of Kulfi. Sikandar learns that Kulfi also collapsed because of his critical state.

Doctor tells Sikandar that she felt she has lost him, he had lost his heartbeat and even Kulfi lost her breath at the same time, but its a miracle that they both came back at the same time. Doctor gives the good news to the family. She tells them that Sikandar and Kulfi are fine. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he has seen a lovely dream. He doesn’t remember the dream completely. He tells her that he felt like he has got everything.

He feels proud of her. He tells her that she is such an amazing daughter. He tells her that he loves her a lot, he has come back to the world just for her sake. Kulfi regrets for not sharing the truth with him. She is sure that he will call him his daughter one day and he will happily accept her as his daughter. They get emotional. Sikandar meets his family and tells them that Kulfi will always be his family. Lovely barges inside the hospital to meet Sikandar. She asks Mohendar why didn’t he tell her about Sikandar.

Sikandar complains about Lovely to his family, which makes them break ties with Lovely. Lovely and Amyra want to meet Sikandar. Mohendar tells her that Sikandar is out of danger now. He scolds her for hurting Gunjan and now Sikandar. He tells her that Sikandar was battling for his life today because of her. Lovely begs them to let her go in. Gunjan asks her to get out from their lives. Amyra asks them if they will stop her as well. The family lets Amyra meet her dad. Kulfi witnesses their issues and turns upset. Amyra gets angry seeing Nimrat with Sikandar. Sikandar tells Amyra that he is fine now.

He recovers by his daughters’ love. Kulfi shares Amyra’s pain. Amyra tells Kulfi that she will not be her friend. She blames Kulfi for Lovely’s sorrow. She asks Kulfi why did she not leave from their lives. She holds Kulfi responsible for Lovely’s pain. Nimrat takes care of Sikandar to impress the family. Gunjan asks Biji to think of Sikandar’s broken heart. Kulfi wants to heal Sikandar’s broken heart. She asks Sikandar is he heartbroken. She doesn’t want to become a reason for his pain. She feels guilty. He tells her that she can never break his heart. She lets Sikandar rest for a while.

Mohendar knows that Lovely has hurt Sikandar a lot. Kulfi is also aware of this. Sikandar tells Mohendar how Lovely has put Kulfi and Amyra in danger. Mohendar can’t believe that Lovely has stooped so low. Sikandar tells him that Lovely has got blind in her ego. He doesn’t think he can trust Lovely again. Mohendar promises to be with Sikandar in his every decision. Lovely demands to meet Sikandar. He decides to end his relation with Lovely. He chooses Kulfi over Lovely.


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