Yeh Rishta Kirti recovery close, Naksh finds weird connect

Yeh Rishta Kirti recovery close; Naksh finds weird connect

Yeh Rishta Kirti recovery close. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to know the baby’s truth that it belongs to Kirti. Naira finds him worried. She asks him what’s bothering him so much about the nurse. He tells her that he knows nurse Leela well, but he isn’t able to let any stranger be around the baby, since much has happened with him in past few days. She knows he is affected by the sorrow. She knows he is struggling with the circumstances and broken within. She wants to heal his heart from fears. She tells him that Leela can look after the baby well, since she is well-experienced. He tells her that they can hire anyone else. Kartik gets stressed with Leela’s presence. Naira thanks Leela for looking after them well in the hospital.

Leela assures Kartik that she will always keep his secret safe. Naksh tells Kirti that he has met baby and found him cute. He tells her that baby resembles her more and finds this weird. She asks him to wake up from coma soon and find the baby in her ordered cradle.

Kirti gets moved hearing about the baby. She shows sign of improvement for the first time since Naksh talks about her baby. He tells her that they will visit the baby every day by all their right. Leela asks Kartik not to fire her from the job, since she is needing work. She tells him that she will never tell anyone that she has swapped the babies and helped him. She promises to not put him in trouble. Kartik finds hard to hide the matter from his family. Leela lies to the family about Kartik secretly taking the baby to meet Kirti. The family turns emotional hearing about Kirti and baby’s moment.

Leela apologizes to Kartik for lying to them. Naira tells Kartik that she is facing at trouble in managing the baby, as if baby doesn’t belong to her. Kartik gets jitters when she talks in that direction of suspicion. The baby doesn’t get consoled. Everyone tries to put the baby to sleep. The baby sleeps with Lav and Kush’s cool rap. Baby gets awake again by disturbance. Kartik can’t see the baby crying so much.

Meanwhile, Naksh gets Aditya arrested and gets confronting him at the police station. He bashes up Aditya and scolds him for attempting to kill Kirti. Naksh and Mohit charge Aditya for many crimes. Aditya hires a lawyer to get saved. He gets off away with ease. Naksh gets angry seeing Aditya winning. Naira finds Leela managing the baby well. She sees Leela staring at some cash and wonders what’s her intentions. Naira learns that Leela has come home for money. Leela asks for advance.

Naira tells her that she will talk to elders and decide soon. Leela takes their permission to go out for a while. Kartik tells Naira that they can give advance to Leela. Naira doesn’t want to decide anything alone. She finds Kartik behaving strange. Someone takes the baby from Naira’s lap while she is sleeping. She doesn’t find the baby and gets panicking. Kartik wonders who has taken away the baby and why.


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