Kulfi Kumar Evil Ploy against Kulfi next

Kulfi Kumar Evil Ploy against Kulfi next

Kulfi Kumar Evil Ploy against Kulfi. Nimrat is glad that Kulfi is supporting her. She tells Kulfi that she will love her a lot. Kulfi wants to know if Nimrat will love Amyra as her daughter too. Amyra meets Sikandar and wishes him on his birthday. She tells him that she used to celebrate his birthday always as a festival, but now he has broken her heart. She turns much emotional and breaks down knowing his decision to marry Nimrat. She can’t understand how he can cheat her. She gets a panic attack and loses her breath. Sikandar worries for her and wants her to get fine. Lovely reaches them and finds Amyra unwell. She helps Amyra and asks her to not let Sikandar win. Nimrat assures Kulfi that she will love Amyra as well.

This makes Kulfi happy. Lovely tells Sikandar that he is selfish and he can’t see anyone happy. He feels he got a new birth on his birthday. He tells Lovely that he will make a new start of his life now and not let her ruin anything. He tells Amyra that she will always be his daughter and he will remain her dad until he dies. He asks her not to come in Lovely’s words. Lovely feels Sikandar is gone from her life now.

Nimrat makes a cake for Sikandar with love and wishes him for the birthday. He tells them that he can’t marry her and told about remarriage just to answer Lovely. He apologizes to Nimrat and tells her that he just wants to focus on raising his two daughters.

Nimrat asks him not to feel sorry. She shows how understanding she is. Sikandar tells her that he can’t think of marrying anyone. Kulfi wishes Sikandar on his birthday and wants him to be happy. She asks him to keep smiling. Sikandar throws a lavish birthday party. He cuts the cake, by having his daughters on his side. Amyra stays insecure. She feels like she is getting away from Sikandar. Sikandar feeds the cake to Amyra and Kulfi. Everyone wishes him. Kulfi wants Sikandar to marry Nimrat so that he can live happy. Kulfi gifts a friendship band to Sikandar and asks him to look at it when he gets angry. Sikandar hugs her. Amyra feels sorry and sidelined by them. Kulfi dances with Nimrat happily. Sikandar asks Amyra for dance. Amyra refuses and goes to cry.

Nimrat tries to impress Sikandar by being good towards Amyra and Kulfi. She convinces Amyra and takes her for dance. Amyra dances with Sikandar. Sikandar likes Nimrat, who has got Amyra back in the party. Nimrat plots to stop Lovely from reaching him. She dances with Sikandar and blocks Lovely’s way. She instigates Lovely so that Lovely creates a scene in the party again. Lovely insults Nimrat once again. She gets upset with Sikandar. She gets humiliating him for being so characterless.

She tells the guests that Nimrat wanted to ruin her marriage and she has succeeded. Sikandar takes charge of the situation. He declares that he will marry Nimrat. He makes his decision public and takes a stand for Nmrat, seeing her shed tears. Lovely’s move goes against her once again. Sikandar thanks Lovely for pushing him on the right track. Nimrat gets happy that Sikandar has declared his decision publicly. He praises Nimrat. She gets on cloud nine. Lovely’s heart breaks once again. Lovely gets up to some foul play to harm Kulfi.


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