Yeh Rishta Unexpected twists brings mixed emotions

Yeh Rishta Unexpected twists brings mixed emotions

Yeh Rishta Unexpected twists. The Singhania and Goenka family members come up with different names like Shivam, Naman, Nirav, Alok, Ajay and more. They ask Kartik and Naira to combine their name and form a nice name for the baby boy. Everyone sings while revealing their perfect name choices. The confusion gets high for Kartik and Naira. They choose the name Krish as per Kirti’s choice. Naira gets emotional seeing the list of names prepared by Kirti. Krish gets his name finally. Everyone happily dances and celebrates. Everyone showers flowers on the little baby and bless him. The entire family find happiness after a long time. Naksh fulfills the rasam in a different style. Naira wants to choose cute nicknames for the baby as well. She gets emotional and hugs the baby.

Naksh cries since his dream of fatherhood has broken down. Naksh feels that God should have not done injustice with him. Naksh tells Kartik that he misses his child. He prays that Kirti and he get blessed with a child too. There will be a big surprise for the baby, since his mum Kirti will be coming out of coma state.

Kartik doesn’t have courage to take the baby to Kirti. He stops downstairs, while the family runs to meet Kirti. The family feels Krish is very lucky for Kirti. Kartik doesn’t know if he can give the baby back to Kirti as he has promised to her before. The family wants to talk to Kirti. Kartik is giving a new test again. Kartik wants Naira to stay happy and fine. He worries for her sorrow peaking after revealing the truth. Will Kartik be able to reveal the big truth and return Krish to Kirti and Naksh? How will the family react knowing Kartik’s big lie? Keep reading.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Prerna gets dressed in the bridal getup, when Navin compels her for marriage. She tries to buy some time until Anurag comes. Anurag gets restless at home and flees once again breaking Mohini’s promise in order to find Prerna. Prerna tries to find an exit to escape fast. Anurag reaches Prerna on time and hugs her. He tells her that they should leave fast before Navin learns about them. Navin wants to marry Prerna at any cost. He can’t get over obsession. Prerna feels helpless because of Navin.

She gets a big relief when Anurag turns up to save her. She tells Anurag that she knew he will come to save her. Navin catches them and wants Prerna to come for marriage. Anurag ignites the fire in godown to mislead the goons. Navin and goons tackle Anurag and bash him up. Anurag and Prerna stay strong and prove that they love each other. They are ready to lose life for saving each other. They manage to run away from the godown.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Pratap wants to get Happy married to Chintu at any cost. When Chintu’s Biji and mum pose problems in the marriage talks by keeping a demand of high profile marriage, Pratap doesn’t refuse to them and instead decides to use the money kept for Smiley’s college education. He tells Happy and Sandhya that he will be sending Smiley to a public institution and then use that money in Happy’s marriage. He tells them that he has no money to put in from his side. Pratap is selfish and wants to get away from his responsibilities soon. He upsets Happy by his great plans. Chintu worries knowing the demands put up by his grandma on Happy’s family. He knows Happy’s mother can’t manage much expenses. He wants to provide a relief to Happy by calling off the grand marriage.


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