TR’s Quick Reads: Kundali Bhagya Ishqbaaz

Kundali Bhagya Ishqbaaz

Kundali Bhagya Ishqbaaz and more spoilers. Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar and Kalyani go to Atharv’s party. Atharv tries to insult them and tells that ACP and his wife want to dance seeing the big party. He says if you say then both of the couples can do a dance competition. Kalyani says we don’t want to participate in any competition. Sampada asks Kalyani if she is scared. She says you are scared to participate as people here will come to know that there is no love between Malhar and you, like Atharv and Sampada. She says love like Atharv and Sampada is not in everyone’s destiny. Malhar gets hurt by her words. Kalyani becomes Malhar’s strength and announces to compete with them. They emerge as the winner with their good chemistry, defeating Atharv and Sampada. Malhar realizes Kalyani’s goodness once again.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan wants to know Preeta’s feelings for him. Preeta tells him that she is feeling much pain thinking he will marry Monisha and asks him not to do this. Karan holds her face and says this happens when someone falls in love. He tries to make Preeta understand her love for him. He tells her that he will not marry Monisha if she wants and if gives him a strong reason like making a love confession.

Ek Thi Rani: Rivaaj’s helper in crime tells him if Anjali comes to know about his madness for Rani then how she will react. Rivaaj questions him who looks best with him, Rani or Anjali? His helper tells him that Rani looks more good with him. He calls Anjali and asks her to meet him on a date before their marriage. Anjali comes to meet Rivaaj and gets surprised seeing the romantic ambiance at a secluded place. Rivaaj then gives paper and pen to Anjali and asks her to write that she is unhappy with her life and there is nothing left in her life so she is ending it. Anjali is shocked, but before she could react Rivaaj puts a rope on her neck and tries to hang her. Anjali struggles to save herself, but in vain. Rani comes there just then to talk to Anjali about her parents’ anniversary catering order.


Viraj and Sitara get distant because of Nethra. The wedding preparations go on. Viraj is marrying Nethra, but realizes his feelings for Sitara. He has no courage to confess his feelings. Sitara is helping him in the marriage arrangements. Nethra is possessed by Vishkanya. She also has the powers. She hurts Rajguru by making the chandelier fall. Vishkanya doesn’t want Rajguru to keep Sitara away from them. Everyone worries for Rajguru’s safety. Rajguru gets attacked by Nethra, but everyone thinks its an accident. Viraj just wants Sitara around. His focus sticks on Sitara. He doesn’t care for anyone around.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil falls sick. Vedika turns helpless to look after him. Sahil’s state melts her heart. Vedika can’t forget Sahil’s deceive. She angrily gets away from Sahil once again. She sticks to her oath. She gets Sahil treated and then distances herself. Sahil is trying to convince her. He doesn’t want her to have any doubts. She doesn’t want to compromise on her self-esteem. She is determined to not accept Sahil back. Vedika manages two little kids. She gets blamed to harm Pankti by putting hot oil on her. Pankti’s mum hates Vedika and traps her once again.


Mannat calls a hair stylist for Radhika, when the latter panics for her hairdo. Radhika tells Mannat that her stylist didn’t come, and now she can’t attend the Sangeet. Mannat tells her that there is no alternate stylist mentioned in the security list. She calls her friend Sheena who can help Radhika. Mannat worries that she has gone against Aditi to help Radhika. Radhika goes missing because of Varun. Shivaansh looks out for Radhika. Aditi finds Sheena and then comes up with a plan. Aditi blames Mannat for calling Sheena home and getting Radhika kidnapped. She asks Mannat if the person who has arrived in the house had undergone the security screening. Mannat gets in new trouble. She faces Shivaansh’s wrath once again.


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