Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Love at first sight for Yug

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Heartbreaking Shocker for Yug

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Love Twist. Ruhi can’t believe that Aaliya is taking Rohan’s side. Pihu also feels that Rohan is a nice person. Ruhi asks them not to believe Rohan blindly, he can stab their trust again. Aaliya tells them that Rohan deserves a chance, since he is changing. Ruhi tells her that Rohan has accepted the crime and now its all clear for them. Aaliya tells her that they can’t judge Rohan so soon, maybe there is a reason that Rohan has done this. Ishita agrees with Aaliya, knowing Rohan isn’t willing to meet Sudha and didn’t get any lawyer to get help.

Karan tells Sudha that Rohan isn’t agreeing to take his help. Sudha tells Karan that she didn’t win to manipulate and get Rohan home. She wants to know why did Rohan forget them. She doesn’t want to give up so easily. She tells Karan that Rohan is stubborn, but she will convince him. He asks her to make Ishita talk to Rohan, so that they can get Rohan out of bail.

He asks her to keep her ego aside and try to help Rohan. Raman tells Ishita that he can’t believe Rohan, since Rohan cheated him again. He asks her to see the result when he believed Rohan and consumed the sweets.

Ishita tells him that there is something hidden from them. She takes a confirmation to meet the minister. She asks Raman to face the odds and then apologize to the minister personally. Raman agrees to make up for his mistake. Aaliya goes to help Rohan. She wants to find out the proof against Sudha, so that she can know if Rohan is really innocent. Ishita worries knowing Aaliya has gone out alone.

Moreover, Sudha decides to seek help from Ishita. She asks Ishita to help her communicate to Rohan. She wants to get Rohan’s bail. She asks Ishita to convince Rohan for bail. She repents for her mistake. Ishita asks Sudha to realize her mistake, anything could have happened with Raman in that drugged state. Sudha begs her to save Rohan since he is a changed person now.

Ishita outright refuses to Sudha. Yug meets Aaliya at the sweets shop, but she misses to see his face. They have a hit and miss. She tries to steal the order book to know the person who ordered the sweets that day.

Sudha wants to convince Ishita. Aaliya gets away with the evidence. She hurriedly tries to check the book. She falls in trouble. Yug saves her life from an accident. He falls in love at first sight with Aaliya. They have a moment. Aaliya thanks him and goes away. Yug likes her persona and style. He feels hurt in his heart after she leaves. Aaliya returns home and tells Ishita that she knows Rohan is innocent. She wants to help Rohan and tells Ishita that she has finally found the evidence in Rohan’s favor.

Ruhi agrees to help her and check the entries if Aaliya is so sure. They try to find out the details. Raman learns that the family is trying to find Rohan’s innocence. He tells them that he will help them too since he wants to find the real culprit. Yug tells his friends that he is in love. He celebrates his newly found love and breaks out the big news.


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