Yeh Rishta Deadly memory loss twist to strike Naira

Yeh Rishta Deadly memory loss twist to strike Naira

Yeh Rishta Deadly memory loss twist. Naksh gets Kirti to Goenka house to give them a surprise that she is recovering well. Naksh and Kirti get a huge shock on arriving home. They learn the truth that Krish is their child. They confront Kartik for hiding such a big thing. Kirti breaks her relations with her brother because of his big mistake. Naksh slaps Kartik and threatens of getting him arrested by police. Naksh and Kirti learn the big truth that Krish is their son because of the medical information. There is a dramatic twist in Kaira and Keesh’s lives. Their bonding shatters. Kirti breaks down and asks Kartik how did he snatch her son. She asks him if his conscience didn’t stop him from doing this crime.

Kirti is in shock, but is happy that she has got her baby back. She didn’t imagine that her baby is alive. She takes this as a good fortune for her. Kartik falls down and begs them for forgiveness. Naksh and Kirti make the big revelation on knowing the truth. They clear the matter to Goenkas and Naira. They ask Naira to hand over Krish to them. Naira takes Krish from the cradle and doesn’t give him to them.

She instead runs upstairs to her room and hides Krish from everyone. Kirti begs Naira to return Naira. Naira strongly reacts and asks Kartik where is her child, if Krish is Kirti’s child. Kartik can’t answer her anything. He was fearing this to happen. He can’t tell her that he has snatched her rights to see their daughter for the last time before he has sent the baby for cremation. Naira doesn’t want to hear any bitter truth. She can’t lose Krish. She has kept Krish with her for 15 days and gets attached to him. Krish cries a lot. Naksh and Kirti ask Naira not to do injustice with little baby at least. Kartik begs them to forgive him. Naira can’t accept Kartik’s baby swapping twist.

She slips back in the memories of her baby shower ceremony. There will be a bigger twist of Naira’s memory loss. Naira fails to tolerate the shock of losing her child. She breaks down and get affected by her weak mental state. Kartik’s lie will be getting justified when the family sees the disheartening breakdown of Naira. The storm will come in Kartik and Naira’s life. Kartik will be out of Naira’s memory. Naira will forget everything and even her beloved Kartik. The shocking new twist will be soon presented in the upcoming promo of the show. How will Kartik’s one mistake affect many lives? Keep reading.

OMG Falguni threatened to kill Suyash in Jiji Maa: Falguni reaches Devraj to find Laddoo. Abhishek asks Laddoo to either save Suyash or Laddoo. He plays a game with her and asks her to make a quick choice. Falguni can’t decide anything. Abhishek tells her that if she wants to save Laddoo, she has to kill Suyash. She gets threatened. She tells Abhishek that she needs time to think. She wants to save both Suyash and Laddoo. Abhishek wants to get Suyash killed first and then kill Falguni and Laddoo. She is shaken up within. Falguni misleads Abhishek and tells him that she will choose Laddoo over Suyash.

Krishna Chali London:
Veer’s ego gets hurt when Ajit tells him that Krishna is his savior. Veer can’t take this that Krishna has saved his life. He tells her that if she is boasting about her bravery so much, then she has to prove her capabilities to him as well. She gives her a big task of performing a surgery and save a young girl’s life. Krishna loses courage and begs Veer to save the girl’s life. She tells him that she isn’t qualified to complete the surgery on her own. Veer doesn’t budge and stays adamant. He sends her to the operation theatre and withdraws all the help sources. Krishna backs off and admits that she isn’t capable. Veer takes charge of the situation and finishes the surgery with his expertise, making Krishna realize that he is really a boon for the hospital.


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