Shocking Lovely poisons Amyra to plot against Kulfi

Shocking Lovely poisons Amyra to plot against Kulfi

Shocking Lovely poisons Amyra. Lovely learns that Kulfi knows the truth that Sikandar is her dad. She decides to oust Kulfi from his life. She tells Amyra that she has to help her in her plans. She tells Amyra that Sikandar won’t get affected unless Amyra is in pain. She apologizes to make such a plan that would hurt Amyra. Sikandar and his family grace the concert. Sikandar and Nimrat get the chance to perform togetther. Nimrat is happy that her dream is coming true. Kulfi plans to expose her. She angers Nimrat so that Nimrat blurts out the truth. Kulfi doesn’t want Nimrat to marry Sikandar. She tells Nimrat that she won’t succeed in her aim. She steals the rings and tells her that she will not let her get engaged to Sikandar.

Sikandar gets a huge shock when Kulfi exposes Nimrat in front of him. Kulfi tells Nimrat that the family will know her truth soon. Nimrat tells her that once she marries Sikandar, she will kick out everyone from the house. Nimrat angrily goes to slap Kulfi and get the engagement rings back. Sikandar stops Nimrat and gets infuriated. He asks her to back off and not trouble Kulfi. He reprimands Nimrat and understands her truth, since he has heard everything.

Kulfi tells Sikandar that Nimrat is bad and wanted to take him away from family. She wanted to prove this since long to him. She asks Sikandar not to accept Nimrat’s marriage proposal. Sikandar tells Nimrat that he won’t punish her, but he won’t marry her knowing her ugly truth. He makes her leave. He thanks Kulfi for saving him from a wrong relation. He knows Kulfi wants his betterment. He hugs Kulfi. Lovely wants to make Kulfi away at any cost. He chooses to sing at the concert with Kulfi. Lovely gets angered seeing them. She proceeds with her plan and feeds the poison to Amyra so that they make Kulfi away from Sikandar. Amyra collapses down. Sikandar gets a huge shock seeing this. Lovely asks Kulfi to stay out of their family matter. Lovely and Sikandar rush Amyra to the hospital.

Lovely is sure that Sikandar will throw out Kulfi now and choose Amyra forever. Kulfi prays for Amyra. Sikandar tells the doctor that they have to know what did Amyra consume. Lovely doesn’t tell the truth. Amyra gets critical.

Sikandar fears of losing her. Kulfi realizes the danger on Amyra’s head. Lovely tells Sikandar that Amyra was in tension because of their divorce. She tells him that Amyra needs both of them. She blames Sikandar for this day. Sikandar shatters with this. He wants Amyra back. Kulfi knows its not Sikandar’s mistake. Lovely uses the moment of tension and sorrow to compel Sikandar for choosing them or Kulfi. She tells him that she won’t let him go to Amyra. She wants Sikandar to make Kulfi out and come back in their lives. Lovely plays the trump card and strikes at his emotional weakness. She succeeds and makes Sikandar promise that he would sever ties with Kulfi.


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