Kulfi Kumar Unexpected Plotting by Lovely goes wrong

Kulfi Kumar Unexpected Plotting by Lovely goes wrong

Kulfi Kumar Unexpected Plotting. Sikandar holds himself responsible for all the sufferings Amyra is going through. He shares his sorrow with Kulfi. He feels sinking seeing his daughter in much danger. Lovely wants Sikandar to come back to them. She feels its a battle she is fighting for Sikandar by risking Amyra’s life. She wants to oust Kulfi from their lives. Kulfi can’t see Sikandar in sorrow. Lovely gets angered when Kulfi reaches her to plead for Sikandar. Lovely wants Sikandar to choose them and leave Kulfi. She asks Kulfi to leave from their lives and go away forever. She compels Kulfi to leave if she wants them fine. Lovely shows her wrath on Kulfi again. Lovely tells her that she is aware of the truth, that Kulfi knows her blood relations with Sikandar.

In Lovely’s absence, Sikandar meets Amyra. Lovely scolds Kulfi for being selfish and not thinking of anyone. She asks Kulfi to accept the truth that she has no right on Sikandar. She challenges Kulfi that she will make Sikandar oust her. She finds Sikandar with Amyra and stops him. He doesn’t want to get away from Amyra. He falls in Lovely’s feet to get a moment with Amyra. Lovely has put Amyra in danger just because of Sikandar. Doctor tells Sikandar that Amyra is better now because of him. Sikandar gets happy.

When Kulfi reaches him to tell about Lovely, Sikandar doesn’t listen to her. Kulfi sheds tears in sorrow. When the family visits Amyra, Lovely stops them and insults them in the same way again. She reminds them how they have insulted her and not allowed her to see Sikandar when she begged them. She scolds Sikandar and his family. She finds them responsible for Amyra’s state. Lovely asks Amyra to bear the pain until they get Sikandar back. She tells Amyra that they will have to take the next step now.

Amyra gets tensed, since she is already bearing much pain. Lovely asks her to drink the drugs once again so that they get Sikandar forever. Lovely promises her that they will get their old life back. She asks Amyra to scare Sikandar and tell him to leave Kulfi. She teaches Amyra their plan and apologizes to her. Kulfi wants to be with Sikandar. She feels scared of Lovely. Sikandar learns about Amyra’s critical state. Doctor tells them that he hopes to save Amyra, but can’t guarantee anything. Sikandar promises Amyra that he will come back to her and they will form a family. Sikandar fears of losing her forever. Lovely fears that she has lost Sikandar forever and decides to commit suicide, on seeing her plans failing.


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